Heartbroken.. another failure

due to statistics recurrent miscarriage affects one in every hundred couple trying for a baby.. and it's quite a number I believe.. but still I can't understand why it's us? I was writing about having some early pregnancy bad sings symptoms .. with previous ivfs I had simple bleeding each time so having noticed just brown spotting made me nervous of course especially together with strange pain in my shoulders.. but I couldn't figure out what was the exact reason for that.. at least I couldn't be sure .. though it made me extremely anxious .. and that wasn't in vain as it came out ..:(( yesterday I found out that they worked for me again.. that was really placental abruption..I'm heartbroken now.. I've lost another chance to go through ivf successfully.. Though I was lucky to get an appointment and saw my doc the very next day.. it didn't help much ..

besides I came through the row of analysis and again have to wait for the results.. that may this time show the reason for this happening again and again ..

can't even imagine what I should I expect from them? why does that keep going on?

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  • oh god..no! i'm so sorry for that.i defo know how you feel...no words could ever comfort you and this pain never goes away completely. My heart is broken honey. You need time for this grief to disappear. as for me, I can't make any decision..need more time. and you won't get an answer for your question, it's just unfair with no reason.. I'm thinking of you and praying for your recovery xxx

  • thanks hun.. so much for your concern and support.. It's so helpful realizing that there are people who you can share your troubles with and get some advice and backing ..and know that they always wish you well and will say a few good words instead of blaming and criticizing.. xxx

  • I am sorry about yr losses. Have you done karyotyping? Chromosomal aneuploidy is one of the most common reasons why mc occurs, particularly during the 1st trimester. I would also recommend you to discuss pgs ngs diagnosis with yr doc to find out if it helps you have a healthy pregnancy x

  • Very sad to read this...I can just sense the enormous loss and pain through your words. Take time to look after yourself. I have no words of wisdom to offer, but am very sorry that this has happened and am thinking of you.

  • thanks girls.. for your support .. I really tried lately to cope with all that.. have high hopes that I'll get the results of the analysis and will know some objective medical reason for all that.. at least we would be able to decide what to next ..

  • I'm so sorry for your loss πŸ˜” Take some time to take care of yourself right now . Love and hugs to you xx

  • Thanks dear! I'm trying to keep up with that.. I have great support from my dh, friends, relatives and you all .. Hope you too will have enough strength to cope with all that..xx

  • Thank you xx

  • It might make you feel a little better, maybe, to know that the U.K. Statistics suggest it's 1 in 4 women who will experience miscarriage, not 1 in 100. You are so not alone. It's much more common than you think. πŸ˜₯

  • I might probably have confused the number having read that some time ago. I do know that I'm not alone there but still each time it makes me feel depressed. That's really helpful to have the place like this and so many friendly people ready to support everyone in need. I've found it useful many times till now looking through the site and reading other people's stories.

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