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Currently starting my FET cycle after failed natural cycle last November. Had prostap injection today and got scan booked for 10th March after having a period in between. Been told that will need to nasal spray again, yuk!, hate the nasal pray and also pessaries and prognovya tablets after scan and stuff. Was a bit upset to hear we only had two frosties, one is 2bb and one is 3bb. Anyone help and tell me what that means exactly? I actually came away today feeling worse about it all. Think it's just the feeling of almost starting again. I'm sure it will get better as I get closer to the dates.


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  • Hey hon,

    I'm in Spain so the grading is different. The only thing I know is that here an A is perfect, b is less than 10% fragmentation, C is more than 10% and d isn't generally used.

    My doctor said they can all theoretically implant :)

    Fingers and toes crossed.

    They are defrosting my 2 day old ones on Thursday to implant in Friday, hope to god they make it :(

  • Hiya, great, thank you for your reply. That helps. Good luck with yours. I have everything crossed. Xx

  • Hi Helto200. A 2bb & 3bb are fine to use, anything past a "c" is doubtful, so wishing you HUGE luck with it all. Diane

  • Aw thank you so much diane. That makes me feel better. I never think of questions when I'm in the room and to be honest I want to leave as soon as I can. X

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