FET Half way through (UPDATE)

Hey all for all that have followed my story from last year im updating you on my process. After having egg collection last year in September i had 20 eggs collected but then suffered OHSS so after a few months of getting my body back to normal with periods and stuff i started my injections on 1st Jan and now on day 19, ahh i so remember how much i hated them lol . i Have my 1st scan on thu 21st jan to see if lining thin enough to start the next stage. Not sure about what will happen after or how the the time scale will be before they can thaw our little embies, but i think it will be the 1st week in feb so not long now to wait. I had a practice of the small catheter going though my cervix as a few years a go i had the lap and dye test and OMG the pain was horrendous something that should of took 20 mins to do took 2 hours i almost passed out with the pain i dont think the woman new what she was doing as she couldn't get it in so she was taking it out then in then out :( anyway i had a practice one just before xmas and the doc was brilliant no pain at all and was over within 5 mins, so now im looking forward to that stage as originally i was dreading it. We are so keeping our fingers crossed that it works as we are going to keep it a secrit till mothers day if we are and surprise mother in law with a 'I Love Nanny' baby grow as it will be her 1st grandchild :) xx

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  • I had a similar experience with the lap & dye!! Excruciating :(

    Keep me posted as looks like we could be cycle buddies xx

  • Yeah it was terrible I was lying there thinking omg what am I putting myself through that was dec 2014 so came a long way since then just so happy to be at this stage now looking forward to my scan tomorrow and go on to the next stage. This month as gone quiet quick so glad about that. Yeah its good to have a cycle buddy can keep in touch with each stage were at xx

  • Hi mrsgoodby2015. You certainly had a rough ride at the start of all this last year with OHSS and painful egg collection! Still, youโ€™re well on the way to having ET, so hope your scan goes well for tomorrow. After that it will take 7-10 days to build your lining up for transfer. ET should be straight forward, so good luck โ€“ will be thinking of you for tomorrow. Diane

  • Thank you diane for your reply. i was trying to work it out the timeline till the transfer they will probable give me more details tomorrow i just couldn't wait till then lol. To be fair apart from the headaches it hasn't been to bad im just keeping my fingers crossed that it all works xx Ill let u no tomorrow how it all went xx

  • Hi. Please do! I'm not in until Friday, but I shall look out for you! Diane

  • Everything crossed for you. Lovely idea for your mother in law idea aswell xxxx

  • had my scan today my lining was 1mm thin so happy :) so now on to the progynova tablets tonight 6 a day to thinken back up get it all nice and juicey ready for implantation in 2 weeks time :) My next scan is 29th jan to see if thick enough to go ahead with thawing our embies out :) x

  • Great, all systems go! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ I'm on my 3rd day of progynova- but only 3 per day. Suppose that might change after the scan next week if they don't think lining is thick enough x

  • How u getting on with the progynova took mine last night just before bed the nurse said if I felt sick then spread them out through out the day but feel ok at the moment not sure when they will take effect x

  • I've felt fine with them but I'm only taking 3 per day- morning, afternoon and evening. I guess with 6 you might feel different x

  • Hello how r u feeling ? What were your symptoms for ohss ? I've got my 5 day transfer tomo but so worried as had cramps and bloating in tummy but don't know whether it's just the pessaries ? Any help or advice would be great ?

  • Good luck!x

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