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❄FET update


On monday afternoon i will be reunited with my little embie. This is my 2nd go with a frozen embie.

I had my lining scan yesterday, its all looking good in there and it measured 8.6mm

This time around I feel less stressed out. Hope its a good sign.

Otd will be around the 6th of August. This would have been around my due date from my miscarriage in December. Im hoping that this is a sign from my little angel.

Love to you all xx

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All the best Hun 💕


Good luck 🙏🏻


Very best of luck 🙏🏼🤞🏼😘

Oh nice measurements, well done you! Wishing you loads of luck!xx

Good luck my dear xxx

All the best with the FET hope it’s your time 😍 as for the little angel I’m sure he/she is with you 🙂 I totally believe in that sort of thing. 😘Sorry for your loss. Mine is coming up a year ago and I’d like to think he/she is still with us helping us along 💞 p.s love your positive attitude Xoxo

Wishing you lots of luck 💕 xx

Good luck- that’s also my birthday, so i’ll Be thinking of you and hope the embie makes themself very comfortable! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Xx

Good luck! It's such a nervous tine but you have definitely got the right attitude xx

Good luck! I had a fet in May and felt it so much less stressful than the first time round! Hope all goes well for you xxx

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