Day 18

Had a scan this morning and the lining of my womb is nice and thick but eggs still aren't growing much. It was also finally explained that this is due to me having pcos. Day 18 on Gonal f 50 and Buserelin twice a day. Due another scan on Friday! Feeling so down, i may not be giving things time but I'm emotionally drained and feel like I could stay in bed and cry.

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  • That's exactly how I felt after my first scan but was pleasantly surprised how much had changed at my second one x

  • I know I'm prob just having a silly moan because I had a scan on Friday and things have definitely improved from then, my husband has said I am just being impatient :) I think I maybe just expected things to move along a bit quicker. x

  • I know what you mean I had a melt down after our first one. I have another one in the morning so really hoping for more positive changes πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you 😊 x

  • Can you ask about the dose of gonal f? There may be scope to increase it as 50IU seems low and it could improve growth.

  • Hi, yes I have asked for an increase as I have 2 growing eggs that are measuring 8mm, I have to go on Friday so really hoping the consultant has agreed. I feel like I am not on the right dose as this Friday will be day 22.

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