Having a weak moment

I've done 4 gonal f (pen like injections now) and they're ok.... I've got a bit if a needle phobia so have found it really hard. We set our alarm at 7am so I could take my cetrotide injection this morning (the syringe type one). It was ok... went really faint and wobbly (pathetic I know) but its done. It's minging and horrible and I'm hating all this shit. ... feeling really emotional lately can't help crying for no reason lately! I know it's hormones but I keep worrying I might not need able to cope and let my hubby down. I know I'm being silly I just feel really daunted and scared. This week is so busy in work and worried I won't get it all done and EC is currently planned for 22nd so am conscious I need to be stress free as much as poss. Our next scan is tomorrow afty and all I can think is please let there be follicles. ... what if there isn't anything? I'm so pathetic and am trying so hard to be strong just having a weak moment sorry. Can't stop crying for no reason. Am focusing on the end result i just can't stop worrying. Sorry to rant. Xx

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  • Bless you, I have been feeling the same😢Don't worry about work, this is more important. We have our first scan tomorrow, am also a little anxious about it but keep thinking positive thoughts😉Sending a big hug your way, take care and let me know how you get on tomorrow xx

  • Bless you kat we all go through those moments and your not alone don't stress too much about work you work to live not live to work that's my moto!! Chin up your doing amazing to me by the sounds of it!! Just keep the positive thoughts and im sending you some positive vibes xx Take care xx

  • I remember these feelings in the early days. The first few days are definitely the hardest, I honestly felt like giving up and kept thinking why am I putting myself through this. For me, counselling helped get me through and also the thought of the end goal. The other advice I'd give is not to think too far ahead while injecting. Only concentrate on what is needed for today, otherwise it's all very overwhelming.

    Injecting gets easier, it becomes routine after the first few days, just stick with it. I'm 18 weeks now and still injecting with heparin every day so I had to adapt quite quickly! You won't be on heparin though, so don't worry!! It's only given in cases where clotting can occur.

    As for follicles, as long as you have a few, that's all you need. Your numbers should at least be close to your scan prior to IVF. I was disappointed I only had 4 at collection but turns out all I needed were the 2 that survived to blastocyst.

    Best of luck and keep going - you're very strong to have even got this far! x

  • Thankyou ladies for your support, I really needed this today. Sometimes we all have these blips and I'm lucky to have this forum to sound off. Thankyou, I've given myself a shake and have my more positive head on. Xx

  • Stay strong Kat! :) These low moments are the worst and I'm pleased to hear you are back on positive vibes! This is very important so any time you need a rant.. :p don't apologise! We're all in this together! :)

    Good luck for the scan today!

    For cetrotide injections, make sure you numb the area with some ice pack (or ice cream tub ;p ). I usually do my injections standing and then once it's done, a little power dance worked wonders ;)

    Sending you lots of hugs x

  • Wow! We seem to sound and act so similar is not that amzing in a strange way! Totally agree with all the above comments yes one day at a time is what we need to think about although its not as mechanical since our thoughts can wonder to the moon and back☺️ Its an emotion wrecking journey but we need to just remember we are all here for eachother to move on together , specially here in Germany its not tht easy to find something in eng so I very much admire and appreciate this group of sweet n comforting ladies here😊😘 yes right its more than a platform to let out and share about how you feel and every response is such an awaited one! Good stimming and wish you success😘

  • Hi, Kat! That's ok you're feeling like this. I mean there is no strange about this. Hormones do play bad tricks on us and there is nothing to do with it. Just try to stay calm and do what you're to do. As for your fear about the follicle absence I'm sure you'll succeed with the procedure. There must be some good of them.

    Everyone worries much when being in the process. You do well applying for people's support. Girls are really wonderful here. And everyone understands you to some point, as our troubles differ more or less. Your hubby must be understanding as well, so your state won't get on him. You both need time for coping with all this. Everyone has to.

    Stay strong and positive about the process - everything's gonna be alright xx Strong hugs from me)

  • Thanks ladies for your support xx had my 6 day scan on FSH today and I'm on track at the mo. Lining is 5.9mm and needs to be over 7mm and I have some potential follicles (all varying sizes so will have to watch this space). Feeling more positive now so just have to carry on on the same dose and see what happens on Saturday's scan (10 day fsh). Had a little look at the room where EC happens and recovery etc and it's not as scary as I thought it would be. They said I can choose music to play in there too so will be taking some chill out songs with me 😊 Everyone's so friendly at the clinic, I really can't fault them. Thanks for your support ladies, feeling more on top of things now. Fingers crossed I stay on track! Good luck to you all, whatever stage you're at xx

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