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Egg Collection tomorrow! So uncomfortable :(

Our second round of IVF but first with ICSI has it's egg collection tomorrow. I am so bloated and uncomfortable :( and I've got so much (sorry if TMI) trapped wind I can't shift too. Just sitting in my chair at work is horrid. I just want this bit over so I can stop worrying about OHSS.

I got mild OHSS last time and I just hope I don't again because I don't know if I can cope with them telling me they don't recommend putting an embryo back after all this. I'm just at the end of my tether really. And had to put my cat to sleep on he weekend that I've had since I was a little girl and it's just about nearly broken me. It has to work this time surely? I need some good in my life :(

Sorry for the pity party there just needed to get it out x

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So sorry that you feel like that. But it is normal. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to do anything and I am always the one going out. I have EC tomorrow as well and I feel like I am carrying something in my tummy. Had a good night sleep but woke up feeling so bloated. Back to work today after a week off. Don't know how I am going to cope.

Do you know how quickly they put the embryos back after EC? This is my first round of IVF.

I hope you feel better. xxx


Between 2-5 days depending on the number and quality of your embryos I was told yesterday so fingers crossed we'll get them back next week?

Thank you sweetie. Sometimes it's just better to know you're not alone isn't it? Oh my god I know, it feels like I've got a watermelon in my stomach. The cruelest joke is you sort of look pregnant when you're like this don't you? At least I do >__<

We're cycle buddies! Hope it's first time lucky for you my dear and you feel better soon too xxx

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Good luck both of you tomorrow. I had my 2nd EC yesterday and felt exactly the same with wanting the pressure in my tummy to reduce! Not long to go now xxx p.s. you have a license to farting when and where you want at the moment so go for it! That's what I tell my hubby... lucky him! 😉

How many follicles are there from your last scan? I've been told this time that I'm at risk of OHSS too, I have PCOS and had over 30 follicles (so took a half dose trigger). Just keeping an eye on things now. I also had first round IVF and 2nd round ICSI!! Hope tomorrow goes really well for you both xxx

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I think at my last scan yesterday had 17 on one side and 11 on the other? Something like that. Gosh I hope it works this time >___< today is going so slowly too! I did get OHSS last time and I got some fluid in my lungs from it so really hoping not this time :(

Good luck with your fertilised eggies :)


Aww poor you! Liquid on your lungs sounds horrendous!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow hun xxx


Hi KittyK. Oh dear! Sounds like you may have a bit of OHSS again! Keep up with the fluids, although you are uncomfortable, and maybe walking around may release some of the wind you have. Hope all eases soon - thinking of you. Diane


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