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Felt like I'm having a meltdown!!

I had some issues with my fertility appointments....first I was given an appointment in the wrong hospital and then my consultant left and I was missed for an appointment. So after a year I have received an appointment finally for the end of April....I can't stop crying though...i don't know if it's relief that I'm being seen again or I've actually broken down. Did anyone else feel like this when they got their appointment through?

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Hi jaynelb86

Yes I felt exactly the same, me and my husband have been ttc for over 4.5 years now, we are over half way through our first ivf cycle.

When we finally got our appointment I literally broke down, my husband and parents were so happy about the appointment but all I could do was cry

Think it was a mixture of emotions, and like you the relief of finally feeling like something is going to begin!

All I can say is I joined this forum and I haven't looked back, it's an amazing network of lovely people and it's so helpful!

I'm sure once uve had ur appointment you will feel better for the clarity of ur next steps!

Good luck and keep in touch



Yes I did the same thing it's the relief that someone is taking you seriously and doing something about it after so many months/yrs of unanswered questions, best of luck with your journey xxx

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I found the investigation/diagnosis part very hard and long winded, and often got very upset and distressed and I'm not normally like that. I even ended up signed off work for a week with anxiety. The wait between appointments seemed to be a time when anxiety could grow and grow the closer it got to the appointment.

Luckily, and it has taken 10 months to get here from the first time I said to my GP I couldn't conceive, now that I am moving forwardswoth treatment all of the horrendous worry has gone. I start my tablets this morning for ivf and start injections in around 2 weeks. I'm so much more relaxed now that I have a good idea of what is ahead of me rather than wondering about consultants, clinics and investigations.

I see a medical herbalist to help with some hornone issues but she also gave me a separate bottle of medicine for when I am feeling anxious and upset. It's a mix of high dose valerian, rose and licorice. It did help, so I'd recommend that if you have much of a struggle.

Good luck with your next stages xxx

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It's such an emotional time & uv really been messed about and had a lot of waiting! Think your reaction is totally normal! Good luck now u r finally on the journey x

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Hi Jaynelb86. I'm not surprised after all that messing around! Hopefully, now that you have a definite appointment date, you will soon settle back down. Lots of emotions to deal with too! Good luck with it all, and I'm sure the others here will keep you propped up! Thinking of you. Diane.


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