Testing morning or night.....i am a worrier

I've taken 4 clear blue in the afternoon and evening and they have all been positive. I've taken 3 in the morning and they have come up with that book error. (So in total I've tried taken 7 I know I need to stop) I'm putting it down to a dodgy batch as I bought the 3 "error" ones from a different supermarket from the 4 other ones. But then I can't help thinking is there something wrong with my morning wee making it come up with the "error". This is what's going through my mind but really I should be enjoying the fact that I've got 4 positives that have been taken in the afternoon when your levels are meant to be at there lowest. I am a worrier my husband always says to me I worry too much about the smallest things but sometimes I just need that re assurance because I may be in denial. I just find it annoying but maybe because I come home to relax after work I take a test and it's ok but of a morning I'm getting ready for work and get my head in a spin I don't know Sorry to rant on πŸ™ˆ i have my BFP and I am happy I just overthink things X

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  • Hi suzanna, How weird...i only used the cheap tests to begin with and took 1 in the morning which would be faint and then by evening id do another and it would be darker, id expect the next morning to be darker but it was always lighter...which made me not want to go to work, once i got home id do another and it would be darker again, ive no idea why this happens but i have seen it being said before. I went onto using a first response jus so i could see more clearly and thats what gave me abit of relief!! i will be taking my clear blue digital end of next week to see if my reading is 3-4 which is where it should be then But other than that im taking a break peeing on sticks can drive u insane, try not to worry too much x

  • Thank you X

  • Generally they recommend testing in the morning. The hormones are most concentrated in the morning - maybe you're so far gone already that the levels are too high and it's giving an error? Or maybe you're keeping it in the urine stream for too long? It only takes 3 seconds. What message are you getting on the evening ones? It's good if you're getting a result on evening tests, as the hormone is not as strong then, indicates you are very definitely pregnant. If you continue testing with Clearblue digitals, you'll be bankrupt soon! First Response are very good tests too. Try weaning yourself off the tests and do it every couple of days....can you get a scan at 6 weeks?

  • thank you, 6 week scan is on 2nd March X

  • Hello. I took one cheap one in the morning with my first wee. But I didn't believe it, so spoke to my mum in law and she said go and buy a digital one. We did say doesn't it have to be first wee, she said no as your hormones will be high no matter what time you take the test. It came back within seconds that I was pregnant. So I think you maybe holding it to long in the urine. Sounds like the only way to get a error. I would stop testing. It will only drive you bad. I know it's hard. But it really won't make anything easier. Hope this helps some what. Xx

  • Thank you x

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