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Do I have to do anything to prepare for egg collection

Hi, is there anything I should do to prepare for this? What normally happens? How long do you normally have to stay in hospital for ? And are they normally early appointments . How did you feel after?

It's my first ivf so unsure of all steps , am currently still in my pill and start nasal spray nxt week with egg col booked for 14th March.

Was feeling really positive , but then the nxt I keep thinking if things go wrong .

Any tips are welcome .

Did you have any early signs of pregnancy ? If so what were are the signs to look out for ?

Thanks lady's x

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Hi Aim, from my experience egg collection isn't anything to worry about 😃

My clinic get you in between 8-9 am and last time i was home before 12 noon. Just make sure you have someone to take you home and be your servant for the rest of that day lol.

The following day i was still a little sore and sleepy but nothing too bad. By then you should know how many eggs fertilised so it feels all worth while 💖

The only tip i would give is make sure you have paracetamol ready if you need it and try to relax, this cycle I've found acupuncture to be useful.

Good luck with your cycle xx

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Hey Hun

My egg collection was 3 days ago . Not much to prepare really,you can't eat anything that day and your can drink water up to 2 hours prior egg collection. My appointments was in the morning, I was dreading it but it wasn't that bad at all. You are given a pain killer and some lovely drugs which make you drift in and out of sleep . I could feel the probe and a little sharpness when they put the needle into the ovary but it wasn't painful. Had 22 eggs collected. It took 20 -30 minutes. Went straight back to my room afterwards and some tea and toast afterwards then went home within an hour. Felt a bit sick after but I always do after anaesthetic. The last few days have been a bit painful but not unbearable it feels like my stomach is being stretched. Make sure you have lots of water and protein as after egg Collection as you are more prone to developing Ohss. Hope all goes well with you and good luck xxx

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