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Egg transfer and egg collection


Did you go in early for e/c and e/t? How long did each take ? I'm guessing egg collection I'll be a few hours at least as my boyfriend will have to take my eggs to a different Hosp and produce his sample there. 

How many days off work did you take for egg col and transfer? 

And did you do anything different in the week leading up to egg col ? 

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Will be going through this myself in June and haven't really got a clue either! So will be good to see the replies! X


When I had egg collection I had to be there for 7.30am had it done at 11.30am and was on my way home at 1pm I took that day off and the next then it was weekend anyway. For transfer it only took 10mins then I had 2 days off then back to work X 


I had the day of EC and the following day off as I had General aneasthethic. I was in the clinic for a few hours before they let me go home. 

ET is a breeze in comparison. Make sure you have a full bladder it makes it much easier. Have you had a practise ET, some clinics offer this. 

Good luck!


Hi thanks, no not had a practice. Did you work during 2ww? Or take it off? X


I worked for the 2ww, my job isn't physically strenuous and I found the distraction of being 'normal' was helpful.  I worked slightly shorter hours if I felt tired, we work flexi hours and my manager knew and said that was fine.

Probably best to see how you feel unless you have a very physical job or a job that could put you at risk of getting a bang on the tummy, you may well still feel sore/bloated after the EC. 

Good luck!


Pleased to hear this is all happening for you now.  I had my first round at the same ACU as you.  I went in around 8.30am and into theatre around 9.15 and out no more than 20 mins later.  My husband had to then lug my follicules over to the other hospital, so his sample, wait for them to confirm everything is ok and then bring back the carry case and come to collect me.  It took ages, Kings were really slow so I was still waiting until 1.30 for him to come back.  The case is really heavy so warn your husband in case he has any back problems.  I had the day of egg collection and the day after then back to work.  

My egg transfer was was at the same hospital my husband went with my follicules and to do his sample rather than  in the ACU.  The longest part is the train journey there and back! 

Good luck with your treatment and I really hope it works for you 🙏 Xxx

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Thank you so much xxx


Hi ya! I had egg collection on Sat and other time on Friday ( it was more painful and I was glad i had 2 days off) 

Both times i hadghad embrio transtransfer booked 3 days after but both times had a call in the morning to have it postponed to 5 th day so it was actually blastocyst transfer. First time i went back to work straight away but  second time i had whole day off. 

I work as a nanny and look after 2-3 kids at the same time so considering to take it very easy this time ( just about to start my 3 d cycle).  Not sure i can take 2 weeks off and to be honest i wouldn't want as its in ur mind all the time... Did it work..did ot not?!

Good luck!  X


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