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Thin lining

We have had two failed iui's. They measured the lining at 6 and 5.7. The quality of the lining is good but not the thickness. We have been advised to try ivf next which is fine. But id like to hear from any one else with a thin lining and your experiences with ivf. Obviously it is a very expensive process and I dont want our hearts being squished again with failed tteatments xx

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Hey there, I myself had two failed IUIs this year. My lining was always on average 5 to 7 when I done IUI. But when I had ivf it was 9. My ivf failed but that's not to say yours will to. Good luck x


Thank you for replying. sorry to hear you havent had any success. What advise were you given? Do you have any other fertility problems? What is your next step?xx


Hey Hun I have my consultation on the 16th to see discuss my ivf. But my husband and I have decided to carry on trying naturally and self fund ivf again next year. But we're not in a rush to do so early on. It really plays with your emotions xx


My lining was too thin and shrank on the 3rd Round of ICSI so transfer had to be delayed. It hadn't been a problem in the previous rounds. To help the lining I was prescribed aspirin and Viagra to improve the lining. It only got to 6.6mm but they deemed it good enough. Sadly we got another BFN. I did ask why there had problems with the lining and the consultant said it was just one of those things that can happen.

Good luck.


I have gone through 6 rounds and the thickness of my lining has always been of concern with various medications added in to help. For the last two rounds I decided to go for a endometrial scratch. This occurs the month before you start your IVF cycle. It is not the most pleasant of experiences but I am glad I did it. Maybe this is something for you to discuss with your consultant and consider doing.

not sure if this helps.

Wishing you all the best on your journey.



Tahnk you for all your replies. We had an appt yesterday and theyve decided to do another iui with no medication as the lining was 6.8 yesterday on day 13 with no medication. Im.not sure why they havent suggested this before. It is a complete emotional rollercoaster. All the best for 2017 everyone xx


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