FET on Thursday

Not posted on here in a while as was quite down after our first go didn't work. Anyway, have FET happening Thursday- this is our last funded go so really hoping this time works for us. Started the crionine today and have been on the prognova for a bit now. Feeling a bit anxious about it all- been suffering with bad headaches and not sleeping well which normally happens with my cycles tbh but seem to be having headaches more regularly lately. Feel the size of a house- since we started the whole IVF process I know I've put on weight- jeans keep digging in which is making me feel really yuk but what can you do. Wondered if anyone else is at the same stage? Xx

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  • Hi yllek, sorry your first cycle didnt go as planned. I'm on my second cycle of icsi after our first one resulted in only one embyro which didn't stick 😒

    I'm on a different protocol to you but i can definitely relate to the feeling yuk and fat thing, I've embraced leggings and ditched the skinny jeans as they get so uncomfortable.

    Good luck for thursday, my egg collection is planned for friday if all goes to plan i wont be too far behind you xx

  • Hi yllek1982, I am currently about to start my FET stage. First natural transfer failed last November so I have an appointment for my prostap and my scan and see where we go from there. I have felt yukky for a while as well, with some weight gain but I think this is down to stress and feeling down as well about it all. Starting to try and eat a bit healthy just now and do some exercise, but easier said than done :-)

    You are a not alone in feeling all this anyway, and I have everything crossed for you that it all works out. xxxxxx

  • Thanks so much for your messages. It's so horrible that we all feel so yuk- not nice. I just feel as though my get up and go got up and went. I suppose that's a mixture of the meds and just feeling a bit down about the whole thing. I haven't really come to terms with it I don't think- just feel a little useless at the moment and like there is an incredible pressure for this cycle to work! Sending you both positive vibes xxxx

  • Hi yllek1982. Just wanted to add my good wishes for your FET on Thursday. Probably seems a very anxious "age" away, but it will soon be here. Thinking of you. Diane

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