scan on Thursday

I have a scan on Thursday, feeling ok now. but need to stay that way as this is our last go and so am worried that I won't stay calm and ruin it from working. feeling the pressure a bit that it has to work this time round. and have also been told today that we now have a whole new doctor as the previous one left. and so I'm slightly concerned that he or she won't know our history. sorry for essay. good luck to anyone else trying x

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  • Try to stay positive new doctor maybe a good thing i had a different doctor this time and got a positive 10days ago keep calm relax and think positive! Everything crossed for you x

  • thank you. this makes me feel a little better. :) good luck with yours. xx

  • Hi, the new doctor should have read through all your notes but it might make you feel more sure that he/she knows your history if you make an appointment especially to go through it together, if that is possible? That way you get to meet him or her and reassure yourself that you are being well looked after. Good luck xx

  • hi, thank you mrsb. I am going up tommorow. so I will ask them if. can do that at all. I know they should read my history etc, but I ahd a bad experience with a nurse there who even though had my notes in front of her, did not bother to read them and we were having to tell her what all our treatment plan was. which did not give us much confidence at all. good luck to you to. x x

  • Ooh that's not good. I would make sure that nurse isn't part of your treatment - you can actually ask for that if they haven't behaved in your best interests. I hope it goes well tomorrow for you! And thanks for the wishes!

  • thankfully they have now changed there rules and only have two nurses per couple. much better. thank you for well wishes. x

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