BFP on natural FET

BFP on natural FET

Got a positive pregnancy test this am, happy but not over the moon due to feeling anxious about the long road ahead and if this one will be our rainbow baby..

This is going to be a really tough journey and after a miscarriage, chemical and stillbirth I am really scared! All my innocence about pregnancy has gone and so I feel really vulnerable but I hope one day I will be able to enjoy this I just πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ this is our sibling for Harrison and our take home baby..

I guess I have to keep busy and just get through each day ahead one step at a time but that is easier said than done!

1st decision is wether or not to start on aspirin, fertility clinic said straight from positive pregnancy test and obstetrics said not until 12 weeks?? The only reservation I have is that I had very very heavy bleeding when pregnant with Harrison so I am a bit scared to take it but if I don't and I miscarry I will blame myself!! Going to ring clinic for advice.

I hope I am not getting carried away too soon just want to give it my best shot as can't take anymore heartache..

Anyway natural FET's do work 😊 If anyone needs reassurance about that xx

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  • hi congratulations ..i m glad to knw it..i pray everything wil b fine for ur little one....just dont worry much n try to relax..

  • Thank you x how are u feeling? I will try! X when are u testing?

  • my official test day is on 9th september n each day s so longer..just counting the days to come soon....

  • Good luck Hun! Waiting is so tough! X

  • Congratulations. I know it must be so hard for you to relax but hopefully this is your time. Sending love ❀️

  • Thank you ❀️ How are u doing? When is your scan? X

  • Congratulation Hun xxπŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you x how are your embies doing? When are u having transfer? X

  • Hi Hun I had a phone call this morning . I have good looking 3 embies ..the embies nr 4 got 4cells but they don't mark him down yet .. They say that they keep eye on it . πŸ™ My transfer is this Saturday 11am . I'm so happy and nervous ... I hope the "little one nr 4 "...will catch up and from those other 3 will be some to freeze πŸ™πŸ™ Thank u Hun and once more big big conratulation πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ€πŸ€

  • That's great Hun! Good luck for Saturday and for the 2ww xx

  • Massive massive congrats you will be anxious but try not to let it take over you completely xx

  • Thank you so much tamtam I am going to try! I think I might be a bit better after early scan X how are u doing?? Xx

  • Hey

    Every day is a different day and the feelings of jealousy and pain still ache in my heart as I always say it should have been me.

    We are slowly getting there and have made a plan for a new cycle this o e last time but that wil be next year hoping to have transfer in Jan.

    Life is cruel but the strongest survive the painful times xx

  • I am glad you have a plan Hun xx I know what you mean every day is so different! I am sending you strength and a big hug xx take care of yourself xx

  • You have been through so much and I also hope and pray this is your time.

    I've heard aspirin does help people, your clinic should be able to help, ask so you don't have any extra worry.

    Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust.


  • Thank you xx

  • Congratulations. Stay strong x

  • Thank you x

  • Wishing you all the best for Sunday! Not long now how u feeling? X

  • I'm ok thanks. Been 'busy' catching up on my favourite tv series and doing a jigsaw puzzleπŸ˜‰ I usually get a massive pimple before my period and I have one now so I'm pretty convinced it hasn't worked but I'm ok. I want to be super positive but it hurts to be so disappointed. Oh well, I've told myself that what will be, will be! X

  • I think it's impossible to be super positive! Don't give up hope yet Hun. I πŸ™ It's your BFP on Sunday X

  • Thank you so much for the positivity! Here's hoping xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Thank you how are things with you? X

  • Had a scan yesterday and was measured at 10w 4days saw the little bubba and heartbeat so pleased. Long way to go still but nearly at the 12week mark! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy xx

  • That's fantastic 😊X

  • Congraulations x

  • Thank you how is your cycle going? X

  • My cycle got cancled only had 3 follicles πŸ˜• clinic decided it was best to try again on different protocol.

    Got review in oct and hopefully start again before christmas.

    Hope you have a stress free pregnancy xx

  • Really sorry Hun πŸ˜“ I hope you get a cycle in before X mas xx

  • Thank you x

  • congratulations! Re: Aspirin, I took it this cycle from the day after transfer and will take it up to 12 weeks. The idea is it increases blood flow to the uterus to assist in implantation and then helps prevent early miscarriage by stopping clot formation. Therefore I don't quite understand why they'd advise it after 12 weeks?? No idea if it helped with my BFP after failed fresh, but who knows! (I'm 10 weeks Tuesday)

  • Thank you and congrats! X

  • Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!x

  • Thank you x

  • Huge congrats to you! I hope after everything you've been through that this will be your turn and as you say, a sibbling for Harrison. Similar journey to you in relation to miscarriages and will be doing a natural fet in november so this gives me hope. I'm to start aspirin from first day of bfp along with clexane when a hearbeat is seen. Completely undertsand what you mean about all the joy being taken away, its more a feeling of huge worry after a positive, but take each day as it comes. Good luck xx

  • Oh good to see another fellow natural FET! They certainly do work! Yes it's one hurdle after another but the time in between each hurdle is tough! I want to be able to be excited but it's hard because I feel sad for Harrison and terrified of losing another baby! X good luck for November! I had acupuncture pre and post transfer, that could have helped too! X

  • Maybe have a reflexology session every week/every other? I had it with my last cycle and although that was a chemical it really helped relax me in the 2ww. I've started accupuncture this time as well, but really don't enjoy jt, reflexology is far more calming and relaxing but i'm going to mix the two this time as I do think accupuncture has good benefits. You will always think of Harrison, and thats perfectly natural, but he'll be on your shoulder every step and day of the way. Big hugs xxx

  • Congrats and beSt of luck for a healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you x glad your pregnancy is going well X 😊

  • Congratulations! Lovely news, I wish you all the best xx

  • Thank u xx how are u feeling? Congratulations X

  • Thank you. Yep I'm ok, had a good scan at ten weeks for reassurance and now should be 12. Really really poorly on it, which seems rather unfair after the journey to get here but nonetheless grateful.

    Look after yourself, lots of waiting and celebrate every step forwards x

  • That's great Hun! 10/12 weeks is a big milestone 😊 Enjoy X

  • Hi Bumpwanted. Only just read this, as I was away last Friday. Here's to your 1st scan when you get to meet your little "bean"! Well done! Diane

  • Congratulations! Keeping absolutely everything crossed for you that this is your time and everything will be just perfect for you. Big hugs to you, I hope the clinic have helped regarding the asprin. So happy for you, keep us informed as to how things are progressing x x x

  • Thank you so much X scan booked 26th September just got to get through until then! I am so scared it's unreal... This is going to be tough, πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ this is our take home rainbow brother or sister for Harrison β€οΈπŸ‘Ό Miss him so much πŸ˜“ X

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