10dp5dt FET

Hi I had my fet 10days ago and can't help feeling like AF is on her way got these cramps in my side sore boobs tingly, headaches and weepy the drugs are such a mind fuck too! Sorry for the language..this is our first frozen after our fresh failed πŸ˜“ And if this fails we still have four frozen blastocysts I just feel time is running out for me I'm 40in August 😏. And if this fails it's the mandatory three bleeds until they will allow restarting I'm just so down with it all today. I'm on pant watch for any moisture in case it's AF the pessaries are messy as anything so that doesn't help! Sorry it's a moan half full day not like me πŸ™„X

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  • Fingers crossed your AF stays away, I know it's a right anxious time constantly going to the toilet and checking. When is your OTD? Sending you lots of luck x

  • Hi Kimmy,

    My otd is 22nd Tuesday so not long and I swore I wasn't going to test early! I bleed later as well so it's going to be one of those days! Congratulations on your news you must be over the moon is it your first?



  • Aaah hon, what you're feeling is normal :) the 2ww is a nightmare, remember that many early pregnancy signs are like af. Until your beta nothing is certain. Just try to look after yourself.

    Not going to tell you to relax as that's impossible, just don't do anything strenuous, eat well, relax, sleep, watch films, have cuddles.

    Praying you get a super bfp

  • Aw thank you! Will try! It is such a head mash isn't it seeing the symptoms of both pregnancy and AF are the same..good advice Xx

  • I'm the same have period pain and feel like it's around the corner 😞 Roll on Tuesday feels like weeks away doesn't it!! If this fails we have 2 left xx

  • I know Hun it's torture but part of me while I don't know has some hope left! I have four left if this doesn't work xx be thinking of you tues! X

  • I think if we didn't hold out hope we wouldn't get through this process!x

  • I was the same a couple of days before I tested. Was convinced that it hadn't worked as I felt af was on its way- I have everything crossed that it's the same for you x

  • I felt the same was positive AF was on its way as I felt the same as I had the last three times we got the BFN. Was a positive this time so don't lose hope! Having said that we are still. keeping our expectations in check. X

  • Hi hun hope ir doing well?? Just s quick question hope u dont mind?? Did u do anythin different from the times befor when u got ur BFP like did u have any procedured done befor ur BNF or and different meds?? Thanks 4 ur time xxx

  • Hi yeah it was all different to be honest as this was a frozen transfer so have been on progynova which I've never taken before. Also I did have a scratch this time. I'm not sure if it's this that's made the difference or just that this was a 5 day transfer.

    Good luck to you x

  • Thnk u 4 ur reply and ur info reallly appreciate it..hope all is goin well and hope u enjoy ur pregnancy Hugz πŸ˜™ x x

  • Thanks ladies your reassurance hope and encouragement are a comfort. Feel dreadful today nausea beyond belief hope it passes.. I'm trying hard not to dwell on every twinge or constantly be on pant watch but it's v difficult! X

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