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Hi everybody

This is my first post, so may be in the wrong place. Its tough to find the right places to get the appropriate assistance. My partner and I would like to have a child together. I am 35 and she is 45. She has conceived twice already - Her current children are university age.

I am of the understanding that at 45, it is tough to conceive naturally. I have however assured my partner that having a child with her is not the be all or end all and I will still love her even if this turns out to not be possible. Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated. She is taking medicines that are reported to help with fertility and reduction of miscarriage, namely:

Power Health Bumbles Royal Gellee 500mg 90 Capsules

DHEA 25mg

Holland & Barrett Folic Acid Tablets 400ug

Holland & Barrett Natural Evening Primrose Oil Capsules 1000mg plus Vitamin B6

Is there anything else we can do, aside from usual? We would greatly appreciate the help.


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Female age is a huge factor on conception so I would move quickly. I would make an appointment with a specialist fertility clinic (the NHS can't help as your wife already has two children) and let them carry out the usual tests to determine egg supply and quality. From here a doctor will be able to advise you on your best options. Good luck!

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Hi alexus, Im currently 38 years old and my husband is 33, we have been TTC for some time and I presumed (having never been pregnant or trying) that it was due to the fact I was a bit older. However since having some preliminary tests done it turns out that my hubby has a very low sperm count with low motility so have little or no chance to conceive naturally. Im not sure if you have had any initial tests done but it might be worth getting checked out. Sounds like your other half has most other things covered.


Definitely get blood tests and semen analysis done asap. AMH will be one that your partner should get. She could also try ovulation sticks in the meantime to pinpoint the time of month to be trying. This will all give a good indication on what's going on.

For vitamins, Pregnacare conception has everything she needs and omega 3 are also good to have. Perhaps a high dose folic acid (5mg) would be good but check this with GP. You could also start taking some conception vitamins.

Best of luck!


45 is quite mature to be conceiving naturally- although you might get lucky I am sure that all of the celebs who claim they get pregnant naturally in their 40s are fibbing.

There is a clinic called Care I think, in St. Paul's and Wimbledon, and possibly other places nationwide- they offer a lunchtime fertility check. They do a blood test to check ovarian reserve, and a sperm test and some other things. It is about £200 so pretty affordable and would give you an idea of what you are dealing with. I'd suggest you don't want to be wasting too much time ! A friend of mine did it and said it was really helpful.

I took DHEA too- we were in desperate land for our 5th cycle. And something made a massive difference- don't know if that was the DHEA but it can't hurt. Good luck!


Thank you to everybody for the advice received. I will discuss with my partner and plan accordingly. As I've always said to her, I would still love her no matter what because she is the apple of my eye :)


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