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Hi everyone, i'm just getting into the mad world of IVF. I'm still at the decision stage not ready to proceed but collecting as much information as possible prior to this. I've seen the access fertility treatment which gives a refund if unsuccessful. Has anyone got any guidance they can give me on this. I am 30 and my partner is 38. we are here due to my partner having a failed reverse vasectomy.I have a child and he has 2. Im also confused in what you have to pay for in an ordinary IVF there are a lot of things in the list. So i don't really know what is required/compulsorily and what and added extra xx

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Hi Emma, I definitely think I would go for the access fertility payment plan if I were starting out again.

IVF can def vary in price depending on where you live, what you’ll need and your prescription. In my own experience a cycle cost approx £5,000 give or take a few hundred. We had IVF with ICSI due to issues with husband’s sperm and also I needed a lot of medication due to low ovarian reserve.

Good luck in your decision making xx

anca1122 in reply to Dunla

Hi Dunla

Can i please ask where did you try ICSI.We are at the begining and not sure wich clinic to choose.

Thank you.

Dunla in reply to anca1122

We live in Northern Ireland, first port of call was NHS Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast for two rounds, then a further two at private clinic in Belfast. Can send you details but you may live elsewhere x

anca1122 in reply to Dunla

Yes we leave in London.

Thanks really upset as through the NHS is take to long to be checked...we spend over 2 years and still we don't know if they gone a send as to ICSI or not.

sow I decide to go private but not sure where.i'm confused and try to found out a way as I get med.

Dunla in reply to anca1122

It is such a long and frustrating process. I’m sure if you posted a wee request about recommendations for clinics in London some of the other ladies here could private message you some suggestions xx

Emmanev1 in reply to Dunla

Hi Dunla,

Thank you for your advice? Without prying what’s wrong with your husbands sperm? The reason I ask is we have had a failed reverse vasectomy with extremely low sperm count 30k so basically nothing. I’m not sure how we get the sperm to do anything xx

Hi Emma, I'm with access fertility under Oxford fertility and I can't recommend it highly enough.

We had one go on the NHS but had a missed miscarriage.

We then decided pretty much straight away that we would go for the 3 cycle 100% refund package with access fertility. For us it meant that security that we wouldn't have to keep finding thousands of pounds should we need multiple cycles and if none of our cycles were successful we could either chuck all the money back in again or if we decided enough was enough we could have a bloody nice holiday.

I'm 35 and our package has cost us just over £10,500 for 3 fresh cycles plus any frozen embryos we get. We've used our first fresh go which didn't work but it gave us two embryos to freeze, one of which is hopefully snuggling away in my body as I type this. This has meant that we are getting at least 5 goes out of this package should we need them. The cost of that if we hadn't done the package would cost £30,000 so for us it was a no brainer.

Some people don't like it because once you have a live baby you don't get to use the other goes and so if it worked first time you'd pay £10,500 for a cycle which would have only cost £6000 but we all know the odds with ivf and if someone had said to me give me £10,500 and I'll give you a baby I would have paid it so for me I would have been happy if it had worked first time.

Access fertility also include as standard embryo glue and embryoscope which I think can be around £1000 each normally and there is some studies saying these increase the chances of it working.

If you have any questions feel free to message me - best of luck with your journey xxx

Ooh just to add though the access fertility packages don't include meds so you need to factor those costs in separately

Hi there, thank you for your comments it really does help. Which cycle are you going for as I’m confused on how they get sperm if nothing is coming out?

Also the fresh/frozen cycles it’s all new IVF jargon which I clearly need to get on board with.

How I’ve summed it up is you would think twice paying 10k for a car that last 5 years the financial I can get on board with it’s the emotional pressure that I’m reluctant about.

As since a failed reverse vasectomy it’s all I can think about all day every day.

What are the meds involved please?

Fingers crossed for you you get the positive outcome you want on this go and thank you for tajjjg the time to reply xxx


I was the same as you and wasn’t sure wether to proceed myself and see how it went or go for the package but in the end we have decided to try ourselves 1st and see how the cycle goes as I wasn’t sure how many times I could put myself through it all ( hearing the stories) so we have went ahead without it !! Good luck deciding x

Hindsight is always a wonderful thing and if I was starting out I would have done this from the start, for the London clinic offer you get 50% refund.


Hi Emma, assured fertility are also worth a look they offer a 100% refund. X

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