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A little update - surrogacy joirney


Thought I’d pop a little update on here. We picked ourselves up after the final fail of the last DE frostie, with the plan to do another donor round with my sisters eggs, but to use a surrogate. We saw Mr Ramsay to check on sperm issues, and he said actually hubby’s dna fragmentation is actually fine, it’s oxidative chemicals in the semen itself so we need icsi to bypass it!

We have joined lots of surrogacy groups and im happy to say that I’m not finding it too scary! I’ve connected with a wonderful woman my age with 3 kids wanting to do her first surro journey, and me and my hubby are meeting her and her hubby for lunch next weekend. I’m hoping we can become great friends and share something amazing.

After all that we have been through let’s just hope new eggs, icsi, and a new uterus do the job.

Love to all xx

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Fab Orla, hope it goes well x

Orla9298 in reply to Lowamh

Thank you, congratulations on your twins 💙💖

Good luck with this next stage - you so deserve this and I so hope your dream will come true! However things come about, new life is truly incredible! ❤️Xxx

All sounds great! Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you finally get your much longed for baby!!! xxxx

I’m with you hon! Happy to read you feel positive about the surrogacy process ❤️

Let us know how the meeting went!

Orla9298 in reply to gattonero

Thank you, I will do. Xxx

Great to see you have a plan in place. Sounds great. Hope your lunch goes well. Sending you lots of luck xx

Fingers crossed for you as always xx

Aw that’s exciting news! I hope everything goes well and smoothly. Please keep us posted xx

Sending lots of positive vibes for you and your husband.xx

Ahhh lovely news Orla!! I hope all goes well with the surrogate meeting next weekend!! All sounding fab!🤞🏻🙏🏻xxx

Exciting news! Hope it goes well and good luck xx

Best of luck ! Do you mind me asking if you joined surrogacy UK ? Or are there many other agencies also you can join? I only ask as I'm thinking of investigating this too as after 6 months of various immunes treatment s my immunes are twice the maximum level.

Are there eligibility criteria for joining?

Thanks so much

And wishing you the best for a happy outcome


Orla9298 in reply to rivershark

We have completed all the forms to join SUK, but I haven’t got around to posting them oops!

There are so many independent groups now for finding a surrogate, some better than others. The best one I’ve found is Missing Piece Surrogacy UK (not the one that has the word community in the title) but there are a few others - happy surrogacy, and The Forum. It was through an indy group I have got chatting to a few ladies and suddenly realised an agency isn’t necessary. You can also be a member of the SUK Facebook if you aren’t already.

SUK would require a GP letter saying that you are unable to carry, Indy matches nothing so specific.

Feel free to ask me anything you need xx

rivershark in reply to Orla9298

Thanks so much for replying. I didn't know there were so many agencies out there. What is Indy group if you don't mind me asking?

Also I don't really use FB is this the best way of contacting with others? I came off FB as it made me sad seeing others posting pics of babies and scan photos. But if that's the way then will give it another go.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply to me

All the best xx

Orla9298 in reply to rivershark

Unfortunately I think Facebook is a must. But it’s really supportive to be honest so it’s worth it. I don’t ever go on and scroll but I go straight to the missing piece group and chat.

Indy just means independent, so you match yourself and do your own agreements. It’s not so scary. SUK has almost 12 months waitlist so I think it’s worth trying indy too. Xx

rivershark in reply to Orla9298

Thank you for replying. I didnt realise there was a 12 month wait list for SUK so yes worth doing all you can. Wishing you the best

CLDxxx in reply to rivershark

Sorry for butting in but you could always set up a new FB account just for this and that way you’d only see anything relevant to you. xx

rivershark in reply to CLDxxx

Thank you yes that sounds like a better idea xx

Orla9298 in reply to rivershark

If you set up a new account make sure that your profile photo is a clear photo of you, it makes it much easier for people in surrogacy groups to feel like they want to get to know you when they can see you as a person and a bit about you. Plus shows you’re not an oddball just lurking! People with anonymous photos don’t do that well really xx

Your so brave and I wish you all the best and more xxx

Fantastic news! Got everything crossed you get the family you so deserve xx

Wishing you all the luck lovely xxx

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