Affordable and quick surrogacy?

Hello I am Stella, I want to have kids but I can’t. I have kidney insufficiency and obviously to deliver a baby is pretty much a death penalty for me. I had to do one abortion before because of my condition, at the time I was young and on top of my health issues I had no time and no money to take care of another human being. I was afraid that it had influenced my ovaries or something, obviously I had to check it because I am opting for surrogacy but on my oe. I have attended the appt where fortunately the drs said that my ovaries are okay that abortion was performed nicely and I don’t have to worry. That was a relief. But now I start to think about where to even begin.

I am not from Great Britain, I hope that it is okay to write here, because I think that there are lots of people who live in England and maybe I won’t get any advice at all. But unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the answers on other forums I have been to so.. maybe here I will find my help?

I do not have a lot of money, my dh works hard but we can’t call ourselves rich or smth. We have enough of money to afford raising a child and to afford summer vacations but I can’t spend 100000 dollars on surrogacy in US. It’s too expensive, though really reliable and everything. I wonder if anywhere in the world I could find the clinic or the center with much lower prices but with great reviews and comments. Because I know that I can trust Americans clinics but I can’t afford them..

I’ll be thankful for your help!

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  • Hello-hello! Stella, nice to meet you!  I think that this forum is open for everybody and we all can get the recommendations here, so.. do not worry, hun. Also, I can understand your concerns about money and affordable clinics, I am 50 years old right now, at the time when I was looking for clinic where I can get a tx I was 45. I had really law chances to get a kid with my oe. I was stupid all my life because I thought that family could wait and even when my hubby started talking about how great it would be to have kids I said that it’s not a perfect time yet and he was okay with waiting apparently. He had his work, I had mine, I was to engaged in my company’s stuff that I totally forgot that with every year woman loses a certain amount of chances to get pregnant naturally and when I woke up from my work I was left with infertility due to menopause. It was a tough moment for us, I felt so guilty when I was telling this news to my dh. I think he was really disappointed in me and I have spent months blaming myself for every single decision I have made before. But time flies and we became smarter I hope. When the shock went away we started thinking about ivf option. Oh, I forgot to mention, I live in Dresden for 5 years already. Obviously 5 years ago when we started ttcing I quit my job to have more quiet life and to prepare myself for kids. But nothing happened – bfn after bfn. After we have been told that we need to try it with donor eggs, basically to use ivf option. We were in panic. Here in Germany it is forbidden by law to get the tx and I do not even have a citizenship so… I could’ve fly to US and get ivf there but it’d cost me a lot + transfer prices. We decided to look for something near us and I have found this clinic in Ukraine that everyone has been recommending us. I got my baby there from the first try. I was shocked after I heard from my dr here that it is bfp, that I am pregnant. And on 12 week test I was so happy to know that pregnancy was going nice and all.

    You did right when decided to write here to ask women who have already been through some tx. It was the first step, now you have to read every single answer you receive and think what is better for you right now. I found my clinic on clinics’ site where you can see rating and reviews, I might as well send it to you if I find it again.

    By the way, I am Monica! Xo’s

  • Oh my god, thank you for your reply! It took me awhile to read it though haha

    yes, please, if you can send it to me, but I think that i could've been to it already though i am not sure about it. I am so happy that you got your bfp it's such great news!!! how is your pregnancy going? i would give everything i have to be able to be pregnant and have my baby naturally but it is not even a question and never was. hopefully my dh understand me and we are ready to start the treatment with all stimulation and everything.

    you should not feel stupid because of your life decisions, maybe you missed your chance but you are pregnant right now and regrets won't change anything. love what you have at the moment and do not think about the past, as i tend to forgive myself every single time i remember what i have done..

    but, let us get back to the theme of our thread. please, tell me what was the clinic you used. thnks.

  • I will send you the link to this website in PMs, okay?

  • I am sorry that took me too long to write but I decided to post it anyways because I felt like it. Sometimes I feel really lonely with all the things I've came through so the possibility to share my experience and to be actually understood made me write here this essay. :)

    I hope it helps that link as for me it certainly was helpful not in the traditional way, because I have made my conclusions concerning the clinics I opted even before I have found this site. I was disappointed when I found out that lots of clinics I opted for were not that good as I thought. I was lucky to find my clinic in Ukraine and therefore did not have any other thoughts about those fertility centers.

    I used biotexcom services. You can also find biotex on the site I gave the link. I am a happy mother thanks to their professional tx, seriously. After reading some comments here I think that what I have been through is nothing and I actually do not blame myself anymore because I have my kid, he is everything to me. He smiles every time and I think he will be an amazing adult. xo's

    ps if you have questions do not mind to ask me

  • Hi! Could you tell us what clinic did you use?? Thanks.

  • It was bio tex com in Ukraine. :)

  • There are lots of web-sites where you can get all of the information, why bother and write in the forums, you even said that it is no help. I can also send you some recommendations but I think that it’ll be more appropriate to PM you, if you agree to this, I will write you or you write me for more infos.

  • Hello! If you could share with me that information too, I'd appreciate it! Please PM me!

  • Yes, I will be glad if you share with me your information! But why not here, in the replies? As you see there are some women who would be glad to read it in the commentary section, some of them are not even registered I suppose... But do as you want really. Waiting for your reply!

  • There are rules on this forum you cannot share links or anything. but i can only mention the clinic I have gotten my treatment in. but it was ivf de so I can't say anything about surrogacy option over there but on this website I have read lots of comments made by women who were praising this clinic's services and actually it's mentioned in this thread too already. I will PM you about it if you want but I think that there's no point of me writing same things as they are already or will be written. so..

  • Hi! I totally understand you, I too have a kidney problem, I have only one kidney and am struggling to understand whether it's okay for me to get pregnant or I should just use surrogacy too. I have been to several drs and they have said the exact opposite things, i feel like i do not understand anything. there are a lot of women who have kidney disease but can deliver properly with no risk for their lives. I am about to get another consultation with another dr, I have managed this appt almost a week ago but the queue is really big. seems like there are a lot of struggling women like me.

    i am so sorry you have to have the abortion, but you should take care of yourself and your life is more important, I hope that you do not blame yourself for this because it is the worst thing to do..

    Good luck with your search, honey.

  • That's strange, how come different doctors have such different opinions. I wish you a great appointment and I will pray for you to get a chance to deliver your bby naturally!

    Yeah there are a lot of them, unfortunately I can't do anything with my feelings, I feel like garbage honestly. that;s why I am praying you to have your kid naturally with no tx involved cos I am done, the best thing I can hope for is surrogacy on my own eggs. That's it for me.

  • Honey, surrogacy is not the end of the world. I know that you’ve been through a lot, but you have to understand how blessed you are that you can be accepted in the program. Imagine if you were born 100 years ago, what would happen? You would not have the possibility to have a baby at all, just think about how far our medicine has come! That’s incredible, you say that it’s the best option you have and you are right, just to get your kid with your own eggs and your husband’s sperm that means that your kid will have both yours and your husband’s genetic material and it’ll be yours completely. 100 years ago you’d have only adoption.. We are all blessed with the treatment we can get. Think about it like that, it is much healthier. xo

  • You say we are all blessed but I do not feel like that at all. How can we be all blessed if we have to go to those horrible appts, get tests and tx and we can't even be sure that it will help. I am praying to use my oe and you are right that means my child will be mine for 100 % and I won't feel like I am adopting my husband's kid from previous marriage or something. That's too much for me to worry about but I can't stop myself. I know that science improved our lives and it’s not a secret, I am thankful for every single possibility I have, but I do not have a lot.

  • Wow, I will leave here my few words. I know how hard it must be for you to know that you will never be able to have your kids on your own, but it’s beyond my imagination what you felt when you had to do abortion. I must’ve been really horrible. And I can do nothing but express my sorrow at what had happened to you. I suppose you got a lot of support from your family and friends.

    As a majority of us I too had to undergo a treatment but it was ivf de. I hap 1 stage of endo and it was easy and quick, the therapy. But I had my ovaries damaged and the quality of eggs really low. I wasn’t blessed with my clinic, because apart from the money we have spent on it ( we went to Czech for the tx and I was so disappointed because we agreed for one sum but in the end we had to pay like 3 times more because we weren’t warned that all of the medicine expenses lie on us..we thought that everything is covered by the clinic) and I’ve been through 3 bfn’s before I could get pregnant. We thought about changing the clinic, but I was too tired after aftermaths of the attempts, that we thought that those drs know me already and everything. Yes, I was able to fall pregnant but honestly I had to choose the clinic more carefully, because if another bfn I could’ve been appointed for surrogacy and I didn’t want that at all. Yes, I am on my 23 week and pregnancy goes well. I am happy that everything is in the past.

    I wish you to find the clinic where you will get the tx that you won’t want to forget. Xoxoxo

  • How come you did not change your clinic right after your first bfn? I would totally do that, obviously it doesn't mean that the clinic is bad but you even had to pay 3 times more than you thought you would. That's for me is the sign that there's something not right with the clinic. But are there actually clinics where you pay one stable sum for the tx and can rely on it? Hm...

  • I thought that I will comment here too, because I have a similar problem but after 2 months of searching I think that I will never find the center I will be satisfied with. We are all have some financial issues it seems so it won’t surprise you if I say that I too seek for an affordable option, but with every day I am more and more desperate. If you will find a clinic, could you please write it here, because maybe for a lot of us it will be really helpful? I thought that by reading review on internet I will form some kind of a decent view on the situation but I guess I have to search harder or something, because everything that I see it is so hard to believe in. for example I have read lots of replies talking about Ukrainian clinic but to be quite honest I think the people behind them could possibly work for the clinic… I do not know, there are so many of them, it makes me wonder why everybody flies there. And it’s not only with Ukrainian clinics but with other European ones. I am glad to find out that in Czech you will be charged for air you breathe while getting tx so I am definitely not going there. But for other countries… I do not know.

  • I thought of it too, honestly everything seems too good when you read about a clinic only good stuff that's why I tend not to trust all of those comments and I write to those people directly so I can know that they are not bots. But even after talking to some of them on other forums it didn't help me that much, because different people - different opinions - different experiences. But I wouldn't mistrust all of the commenters if I was you.

    Yes, Czech for me is not an option definitely, after reading some scary stories..

  • There is a messaging system on this website as it was pointed out already and to be sure that the person that comments the thread is the real one - message him or her. It's much easier than trying to figure out whether this user works for clinic or not. I can recommend you a clinic, but it'd be better if you pm me as you can't trust anyone who replies here. :)

  • There are a lot of “cheap” countries, Greece for example, Ukraine, Belgium etc. also I have heard of Russian clinics so.. Have you been to those web sites where people share their reviews on clinics’ services etc? Of course, you can find those on forums but it’s harder that you think, people not always write about their experience if they were not disappointed or satisfied. In my opinion. For example, I come here to get some health advices not to read about someone’s great clinic experience.

  • You are right that there are lots of web sites that are dedicated only to different fertility clinics, but are you sure that we can 100% rely on those reviews and everything? On the forums you can actually talk to live people and get their true opinions on a clinic. That's why women go here for an advice.

    And I am one of those who come here to read about other's experience, because I am really interested in ways how other women deal with their problems.

  • I agree with you, I went here to get to talk to real people who can tell me about pros and cons of getting tx in international centers and because it is forum I can get quick responses and to get to know lots of people in a short time. I think it is indispensable to be able to express your real concerns and feelings to other women who can give you the support and advices.

  • Thank you for mentioning those countries, it seems like you have the experience in this field. Maybe you have gotten ivf treatment?

  • Hi Stella

    and welcome

    I'm so sorry for your kidney condition. of course, every woman wants to deliver her baby on her own, but sometimes there are conditions and decide for us. my case is very common and very different from you in the meantime. my reproductive health didn't allow me to conceive naturally no matter how hard we tried. surrogacy came out as a last chance and sure we used it. i don't know if it was about luck or what but our surro got pregnant after the first embryo transfer and we're waiting for twins! for us, it was rather quick but every case is different. I've met couples who were using their 7th or even 8th attempt. sure it takes time. so, no one can tell you how long it may take.

    as to budget, sure US is one of the most expensive destinations for surrogacy. they have a lot of advantages like accepting unmarried or homosexual couples as well as singles. if you're hetero and married, you'd better opt Ukraine like we did. you'll pleasantly surprised with their prices and conditions they offer

    be free to contact me just in case


  • Hi! You are not the first person who advises me Ukraine as a surrogacy destination, I guess it is really common to get your tx there? Why did you choose this country in the first place?

    for sure, us is really expensive in terms of surrogacy at least and i do not have that much money to sign for it, but obviously you can be sure that the drs will do their best when you pay them that much money. it is hard to find an affordable and yet really professional clinic anywhere else with great reputation and all.

    twins! i am so happy for you! Do you know their sex already??

  • thank you! no, baby's gender is still is a secret for us. we count days till the next ultrasound.

    why Ukraine? well, many reasons. firstly, because we're in Switzerland and it's quite easy and fast for us to travel to Kiev. My dh is always pressed for time because of his work so it was important for us to do everything asap.

    Secondly, we based our choice on numerous positive feedbacks. result is what really interested us most of all. in addition, we were more than satisfied with fees that was only 29k for the whole surrogacy program, no extra fees. they also provided us with accommodation, meals, transportation, so we almost felt as if we were traveling for fun not medical tourism. of course, it was not for fun, our reason for traveling is more than serious. still we had time to walk around the city center, take some photos and go sightseeing.

    we'll be traveling to Ukraine next week to see our surro and be present at ultrasound check. we're absolutely overwhelmed.

    i'll drop you a line when any news.

  • Is that for real, no extra fees? No matter what happens, everything is covered by that price you are paying?

    Sending good luck to you! That must be so overwhelming, you are going to see your surro for the first time! That's amazing but why for the first time, didn't you see her at the beginning if the surro program?

  • they don't allow meeting surro before the 12th week of pregnancy. we were to come at 12th week for US and screenings and just to meet her, but unfortunately we couldn't travel. this time the tickets are already booked so I hope nothing will prevent us from travelling to Kiev. we're so impatient of meeting her and touching her little belly for the first time. moreover, they might tell us the genders this time if they show.

    now regarding the price. basically, it's all inclusive as it covers unlimited number of attempts before the positive result. Also, the clinics provides us with accommodation and food each time we come. There’s also a driver to take us to the clinic and back to hotel. We were met at the airport which was a pleasure. In general the service is nice, however they have three types of surrogacy contracts. We signed up for the cheapest one. Within this contract we’ll have to pay extra in case our babies are born prematurely. This is my main concern especially now knowing that we’re expecting twins. Who knew? If we knew, we probably would sign up for a 39k contract. It covers all expenses if prematurely and have a few more benefits like better accommodation, pediatrician and PGD test (however, we weren’t opting it).


  • I''ll also keep everything crossed for you for that you and dh could travel to Kiev and meet your surro. This is such a thrilling moment for every IP. I remember our first meeting and our first ultrasound. it was so emotional! we all just couldn't help bursting out tears.

    I hope you'll share some of these important moments with us.

    this is a great pleasure

    oh, a year has passed just in a blink of eye. I can't believe my little men are already making their first steps and make everything up-side-down at my house!

    Time flies

  • thank you! Only 5 days are left! I can't stop think of it and counting days.

    we're both overwhelmed, both me and dh

    I want this moment to be memorable both for us and for that woman. I'm taking present and souvenirs for her. She is doing such a big job for us. I'm so endlessly greatful for her. I know she gets paid and they totally provide for her during this period.

    still i wanted to have something from me and dh, for her to know that we care about her not less than she cares about our children

    I'll drop you a line when we finally do it

  • Honey I know exactly what you feel! It was hard for us to save money too. When you get salary you need so much to buy. Taxes are also not cheap. Still it's great chance that we can go to clinic abroad and pay $40 000 but not $150 000. I think if there was no clinic with such price, I would stay childless and die from sadness. Prices in US are prohibitive for us. Speaking about cost of our package. The payment was divided into 5 rates. We paid 8000 euros during the first visit. Then we paid 7900 euros during our second visit. Third payment 8000 euros was paid on twelve weeks of the gestation of the surrogate mother. 8000 euros we paid after the birth of the child. And the last 5th payment 8000 euros we paid after receiving of the child’s birth certificate and passport for a child to leave the country. Speaking about our SM. The clinic found her for us in 2 months after signing the contract. We didn't expect it will be so fast! I can't tell in words how happy were we receiving such great news! Clients cannot choose a surrogate mother. Her appearance is not important here. Only her health and ability to bear a child matter. That's why the doctor choose SM. But don't worry, the clinic selects SM very carefully. Our program coordinator provided us with all info about SM and our son at least once per month. As for our SM's place of living during the program. Our SM lived with her family. All of surrogate mothers have their own kids. It would be cruel to take them away from their families. I think it is better for them to live in familiar environment. In such way they feel themselves comfortable and don't worry about their loved ones. The fewer their worries are, the better for our child.

  • DonnaB4, i'm so glad that you found the affordable option of surrogacy for you. we also went internationally. the way you describe your program, it seems very similar to ours. our total surrogacy cost is 39 900 euro devided into 5 intallments of 8k euro just like you told. they also match with a surro based on medical criteria so that we couldn't choose. and then they monitor her health on their own and keep us updated via emails and skype. Did you also go to Ukraine?

  • Hello Stella! I'm so sorry about your situation. I was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis after the birth of my first child. When my son was 2 years old I’ve got pregnant again. I thought if I could carry my baby once, I can do this again. At 25th week of pregnancy my doctor told to do an abortion. A cesarean section was urgently made. My second son was born with a weight of 540 grams and had lived for only 2 days. After another round of treatment and medical tests we decided to try again. Doctors constantly repeated it’s a mistake and it will ruin my health completely. But an idea to have one more child never left me and I tried to convince myself I will make it this time. The first trimester went perfectly. Of course it was early to relax, but I hoped for the best. Unfortunately my hope wasn't enough. Same story again. Cesarean section was made on 26th week. It was a boy. He lived for only 3 hours. This loss broke me completely. It’s been 5 years already, but pain still tears me up.

    My husband and I decided to try surrogacy. But when we saw prices, we were in shock! We really didn’t know where to go. I was in search 24/7 during a couple of months. It was really hard to find a reliable clinic with reasonable prices. But we did it. We found nice clinic in Ukraine. It's well-known BioTexCom. The whole process was under their control. They found surrogate mother for us in 2,5 months. Our son was born on October 2015. We paid approximately 40 000 euros for everything. Though there were so many people and lines were very long, but I think the result worth it!

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