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Update angry, upset and confused

I am so bloody frustrated....

We have had so much conflicting answers on this journey.

So the first time we just went with the doctors suggestions and it failed no reason why just a well let's look at that as the pre run ( 4K cost pre run ) 2 x 5d blast no Frosties

Second cycle at ICSI failed and got a sorry just don't understand but defo have another round and it should work we will change things.... So sorry ( 4.5k sorry) 2 x 3 day no Frosties

Change of clinic just fed up went for a few more tests paid several fees for the consultant and see said slight raised NK will treat you.....

Got bad feed back about clinic and so we changed again as got really good feedback and results were good, best outcome yet

1800 on blood test 500 on consults fees 7k on treatment and got 12 eggs lost 60% 8 fertilised went into have 3 left 2 x 5dt other mite never made it no Frosties.

Failed again without answer however when asked if it could be my eggs said could be... Why did you not say that before would have used donor told me bloods show signs of Lups anti cogulant so have to have clexane and all this other stuff that I really didn't need.

Are they just happy to pump and pump drugs into us for fun. 😡

Now going for the last time abroad using DE they have contradicted everything I have been told prior 😢

What the hell. Who is right and who is wrong we are so confused and upset we have spent masses of cash.

And still no baby don't know what to do.

Where is the faith on these costly consultants?

Sorry rant over 🙄

Onwards and upwards

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Awww Hun so sorry to hear this! As you say how are you suppose to have faith in these consultants when they all say different things. We aren't medical Drs ourselves & put faith in these people. Sorry you've had such a horrid journey so far!

Where are you going abroad hun? The reason I ask is that I went private in London but they also have clinics in the Czech. I was lucky it worked for me 1st time but do understand more than most how stressful this emotional roller coaster is as things were exactly straight forward for me but as I said it did work 1st time.

Wishing all the luck in the world hun. I'm not going to say don't stress, do this, don't do that as no one truely understands how you feel accept you but do look after your self and your feelings. Xx


Hey lovey

Am going my to Greece.


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Good luck hun I hope everything goes well.

Try and remember life before all your fertility treatment started if that makes sense because sometimes we get so caught up in it all that we forget precious times. Xx


We ended up going abroad for that reason! Everyone just wanted more and more money. In the end we went to Denmark and the consultant with a raised eyebrow said they did things a bit differently there. Was super private, a lot cheaper, and we felt well looked after.


Hey Tamtam, sorry to hear you've been messed around. Did they explain the Lupus anticoagulant test result properly to you? It's linked to antiphospholipid syndrome, which causes recurrent miscarriage. It may be worth you joining the Hughes syndrome group on here for some extra support. I was diagnosed with aps in 2014 after recurrent mc and am also on aspirin and heparin. It's for good reason - you are susceptible to blood clots in pregnancy with his disease and it affects the placenta and therefore your baby. The heparin and aspirin thin your blood to help with a successful outcome. You might want to see an APS specialist after reading up on the disease. Quite often thyroid problems go hand in hand with it, so make sure you're checked out for that as it also affects fertility. Sounds like you are finally getting answers but it's frustrating when they don't seem to test for the right things initially. Hope it all works out for you. x


I can really understand why you'd be feeling like this. You put your faith in these experts and them saying different things isn't fair on you. Now you're bound to be confused and probably wandering what if??? That's awful. I hate the what ifs!

I really hope that this cycle works and all the things this clinic have tweaked makes the treatment successful. Hope some good can come out of this for you. Hope this cycle brings you your much wanted baby. 💕


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