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DHEA? Thoughts


Hey ladies I'm going to start round 2 of ivf/ICSI in September after 1st failed cycle in April. I remember at our follow up fertility doctor saying something about DHEA? But then she went on to say she herself doesn't believe too much into it but there are some studies that it can help egg quality? They are not sure if it is my eggs or my partners sperm..most likely sperm as he has a low count and I think motility. I had a fairly high AMH for my age and 15 eggs were collected last round, unfortunately only 1 good one to transfer and no frosties. I have my partner on a men's multi that are good for his swimmers...im just wondering should I maybe Try and take this DHEA? This is our last funded round so I'm crossing everything that this will work and if it's all funded why not?

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Now I'm ready DHEA might not be good if your egg count is already good/high? And now I'm reading that I should take a supplement with coq10?! Grrr these bloody Google's!! 🤣🤣

Suzannah1985 in reply to Niki_B

I would only take DHEA if it is recommended explicitly by your clinic.

For my last fresh cycle I took a Coq10 supplement (make sure it is Ubiquinone which is the active version, it is expensive) and also followed the Zita West IVF diet plan. My clinic also changed my drug protocol quite significantly. All of those factors combined gave me much better results than either of my previous two rounds.

Good luck 😉 x

Niki_B in reply to Suzannah1985

Hi suzannah1985 oh ok what does Ubiquinone mean? Glad you replied as I was just going to buy some Coq10 with fish oil which was relatively cheap? Where do I find whatbyour stating? Xx

Hi, I took dhea on my second icsi cycle and an currently pregnant. I had a low egg amount though. 2 my first cycle and 6 on my second. No sure if it was that or other meds that made the difference but it’s defo worth a shot. Wishing you lots of luck x

Niki_B in reply to Birdboy1

Congrats on your pregnancy!! 😍 thanks for your reply I've emailed my fertility clinic to see what they think...as like I said it's not my egg count that's the problem more the quality I guess. I'm now leaning towards the coq10 supplement, but I'll see what they say. All the best with your preganacy! Yay! 😘😘

Birdboy1 in reply to Niki_B

Thank you. I also had poor quality if that helps as my first cycle neither fertilised x

Niki_B in reply to Birdboy1

This is what I don't understand out of my 15 eggs...14 were mature and 11 fertilized! A few made it to blastocyst but was told they were not good quality. Which is why I'm sorta thinking it might be my partners sperm. He's now quit smoking thank gosh, and I'm hoping these multi vitamins will help too!

Birdboy1 in reply to Niki_B

It’s such a hard process. Good luck and I hope the clinic get back to you with what’s best to take x

Hi nikib1980, I’m currently on my 2ww 2nd cycle. First cycle I had 4 fertilised, 2 put back in but not good quality. 2nd cycle I introduced dhea, ubiquinol and omega 3, had 5 fertilised out of 9 eggs, had 2 good grade blastocysts put in on Monday and they said I could end up with twins. I won’t know the outcome until the 18th but I think they did the trick introducing them. Good luck x

Thanks for your reply. Yeah im stwrting to think its probably sperm related...ive been resding that DHEA can sometimes do more harm then good if you already have a good egg reserve, which i must do 15 eggs is pretty good for my age 38 and 14 were mature. Im definateky looking jnto thsi coq10/ubiquinol tho! Let us know how you get on...i wish you lots of baby dust! i know the 2ww is horrendous! Just hang in there and try not to POAS I had a very faint line about 6dp5dt then it was gone by the next morning, so I drove myself crazy buying more tests trying to get that line back..if it was even there gosh I was mental. I def won't make that mistake next time! Xxx

Definitely go for the ubiquinol then luv, I got a low amh of 3 so I wanted to do everything I could. I’m staying calm most of the time and the nurse said to try and think as if I’m pregnant but it’s hard from having a negative last time and thinking all was great. It’s a bloody hard 2ww 😤😤🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 x

Thanks I'm definately looking into it. Hang in there hun gosh I know it's horrendous when is your OTD? Xx

The 18th hun, can’t come quick enough x

Oh gosh that's ages away!! I'm not sure why they test so late in the UK they do 1st blood test here in New Zealand 9dp5dt omg I couldn't imagine waiting that long 9 days was enough for me! Xx

It’s crazy, some go from 9 days and I’m in the longest wait, typical 😂. Good luck for your next round my luv xx

Oh stuff that! Lol. Thanks hun. Keep me updated on your wee embies which I'm sure are nestling in as we speak! 🤗😍

Awwww thank you luv, it’s our very last chance so we’re on pins 😳🤞🏻🙏🏻 x

Awww yeah next round will be our last chance too 😬 fingers and toes hun! 😉😄😘

So much baby dust being sent to you right now luv 🙏🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤗🤗🤗 x

Same to you hun! You've already got the dust in ya! Yay! 😉😍😘

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