Weight issue

Hi ladies,

Am so stressed as my boi is over slightly at 30.4 and was meant to be 30 or below . We've had funding agreed and first app nct week so any of you think this is a major issue ?

Also haven't come on yet and am meant to have done bloods day 1-3 of bleed so they have result of tests at app.

Do you think I should call clinic to let them know ?

Or just go anyway .?

Stressed, don't want to be turned away or delayed .

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  • Hey, go anyway...keep doing what your are doing to lose the weight and tell them how far you've come over last few weeks following Christmas when you get there.

    As for period... Do ring. And try not to stress... xx

  • Hi , going to ring clinic this morning see what they say . Have had awful headaches for past 4 days which normally means I'll come on soon . X

  • Ring them, explain and go anyway. Stop beating yourself up x

  • Hi! Seems like weight issue is not the main trouble. I suppose you should make that appointment. Besides anyway it'll be useful to know the testing results. But of course you must continue doing those prescribed or just offered things to lose weight. I hope people in your clinic are understanding so they'll advice you something if your weight is not appropriate. But this is not the way out to quit!! Keep up going!

  • Call the clinic say your not on yet they will advise... As for BMI your only talking a couple of pounds to get to 30 BMI. Do a 'fast' day the day before so just have 600 calories (like 5.2 diet) drink as much water as you can and you will be surprised what you weigh the next day! I lost 4lb when you eat again you will put a couple on but then your meant to to 2 days a week for a steady 2lb off a week.

    On the other hand you can do a VLCD its full on but gets results fast. My BMI was 30.3 last week now it's 29 just from doing a few days X they weren't to worried about it being over 30 just told me to get to as near as 25 as possible as IVF works better the nearer to 25 you are X

  • Hi ... how many calories were you doing. I was 31.5 and they said I had to lose 6 lbs ... I've got 4 lbs to go in next week and then I can be referred. I've lost nearly 3 stone to get here so last few lbs I'm struggling with ! They have been really strict with me on weight !

  • I know it's ridiculous isn't it just another way of them saving money ! I hope they don't turn me away again nct week the thing is they weigh u with clothes on too so that all adds up ! Even though may only be a pound or so !! Did you go in to be red to IVF but did they turn you away because of weight once or twice ? And then did you have to wait ages for app again .!? Where r u having treatment ?

  • I would call them as they may just say to come in when you start. Don't be stressed - I thought mine wld never come, the wait is torture! Am sure you will start soon enough x

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