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So confused

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Hi ladies, so I am all over the place at the moment and just wondered if any of you could offer some advice or let me know if you have been through a similar experience.

So basically my period is a week late and it was our last month of trying ttc naturally before starting the whole IVF process, do I had all my hope pinned on a BFP. Well I'm normally so regular with a 27 day cycle yet here I am, a week late and the pregnancy test I did this morning was negative 😞. Do you think stress or the power of the mind can be effecting my cycle? I feel like I don't know what's happening with my own body now and it's so painful as the hope a late period brings is all consuming when you want a baby so much. I'm quite stressed at work too but I have been worse in the past and it never disrupted my cycle 😣. So sorry for the long post, I just feel like I'm in limbo and very lost. 😞

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I just wanted to say that I was a week late too before I started the whole process I think it was a bit of my mind playing tricks on me to be honest.

Hope your okay xx

It was my mind as it arrived this morning, over a week late 😞. So I'm now counting 21 days until I can start the injections. How are you doing with your treatment? Thank you so much for your support x

Our minds always mess us around.

treatments going well going for egg collection monday :)

Good luck for Monday xx


Hi, the same happened to me too and I was also regular as clockwork before that. If you are under pressure at work combined with the hope of falling naturally that will likely be the reason. I wish you luck with your treatment. X

Daisy-Mae in reply to Hidden

Thank you, so comforting to know I'm not alone in all of this. Xx

I know what you mean about pinning all your hopes on the last month!

My body messed around before my first cycle :-(

Try not to stress about it. I'm a planner so had everything in my head worked out re leave from work etc and my body showed who was boss again!!

Do you have reflexology or acupuncture? They might be able to assist with things moving forward...x

Daisy-Mae in reply to Hollibob

Hi Hollibob, I think I'm quite a planner too as had timed it all to work into my holidays so it's obviously psychological powers changing things up 😣. Did you have acupuncture through your IVF process? I'm wondering how often I should have and if it really helps. Thank you for your help and support x

Hollibob in reply to Daisy-Mae

During my first cycle I didn't have it during down reg, but had 3 sessions between stims and collection (1 was the night before) and then on the day of transfer I had it before and after. In my head I didn't want to boost my body whilst on down reg, but this time round I'm going to have it more during IVF.

My plan is once a week during down reg and start of stims, just to keep me relaxed and then second week of stims before collection, three sessions booked. I'll have it on transfer day too...

I read your update..the countdown begins :-)

Stress definitely does effect it- the month I was due to start Clomid my period was over a week late. I was so stressed out at the time that I developed shingles and then got admitted to hospital for 4 days with a severe kidney infection- over Christmas 😒. I didn't think I was

stressed at the time but looking back now I think I had been putting myself under so much infertility related stress for such a long time that my body just broke! The month I was due to start IVF I had spotting for week before my period actually started so I was terrified I was actually having a light period and had missed CD 2- I never normally have spotting so I think this must have been linked to the IVF stress. I found counselling really helped after the

Christmas episode and I made sure I had counselling right before and during my IVF cycle, I don't think the counselling was the cause of my BFP but having an impartial person help keep everything in perspective was definitely comforting. I hope you can get the ball rolling soon. Xx

Daisy-Mae in reply to Kernishp

Thank you so much for sharing this with me and letting my know how powerful the mind really can be! Congratulations on your positive result, when is your baby due? I have been offered a free counselling session and was wondering if I should try it (I'm a bit hesitant) but your post has made me think maybe I should. Thank you

Kernishp in reply to Daisy-Mae

You have nothing to lose, if you don't like it then at least you can have peace of mind knowing it's not for you. I'm due in February so it's still very early days- my mind is still in overdrive stressing about things that could go wrong, but I know it's totally normal now! I wish you the best of luck with this journey :) xx


Hello. Hope your ok. I know for me that when I had a failed cycle my last ever shot my period took ages to come because I really wanted it to be a different outcome. So yes your mind can be powerful enough to delay. The best advice I have is to try and relax, not think about it and let nature take its cause. Hope this is if some help. Lots of luck sweetie. Xx

Daisy-Mae in reply to Hidden

It really was helpful and thank you. Us ladies are complicated things and this is just another example of that! Thank you for your kindness and support xx

Hi Daisy-Mae, this happened to me too. Before I started IVF my period was 2 weeks late, even had some spotting mid-cycle, thought it was implantation bleed. All tests were negative then I cried for days when my period came. It is a stressful time for you so this can happen.

Try to relax and do something nice. I know it's difficult at times. Best of luck with it all xx

Daisy-Mae in reply to Dee22

Thank you Dee22, I knew as soon as l got some advice on this it would turn up and yep, it arrived last night over a week late 😣. So I'm now officially on the countdown to IVF and I'm going to focus on being positive. Thank you so much for your support xx

Ladies I really can not thank you enough for making me realise I'm not alone and for all your advice and personal stories. I did think it must be all coming from my mind as the weight of starting IVF has been looming for such a long time now. I have been having acupuncture and did feel different during the 2ww this month so was really feeling hopeful. I am going to take all your advice and try to relax about all of this. Thank you again for such lovely support xx❀️

I know how you feel just before our ivf i missed 2 periods in a row pt was always negative. When i finally did have a period i was told that the missed periods were stress related. I did feel stressed but not stressed enough to miss periods like this. Anyway a month before ivf i came on period and just going threw the process now.

Daisy-Mae in reply to amazing78

It's a comfort to know others have had this happen to them and I feel like I am learning something new about my body everyday. How is your treatment going? I'm wishing you all the very best anf keeping my fingers crossed for a positive result for you xx

I havent been in the same situation but my 6 years ttc has been emotionally stressful. So many things can affect a period; internal and external so I wouldn't worry too much. And so your starting ivf at least your doing something, at least you have a plan. And who knows what the future may hold. Chin up πŸ˜‰

Daisy-Mae in reply to drinathan

Thank you. I find this forum so helpful as all the things you worry about and have no idea if it's normal or not you can ask openly and genuine people help you out as they have been through the same thing. Good luck with your journey x

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