Delayed. Why do we get hit like this?

Our last appointment with the specialist was positive. We were told that we could start January. Nurse appt few days later, early Jan they are booked (shock horror!), so if my cycle is late it's ok, but if early, probably won't be able to fit us in unless another couple pull out of treatment because of a cyst, finance etc etc stopping them from starting. Unhappy to be told we could miss out by 1 damm day!

Did my ovulation testing as normal since Annabelle died so I can keep a record of my cycle to give best info to the acupuncturist and specialists. Great, just bloody great. Ovulated earlier than expected so no doubt period will be two days earlier too. Not as easy as to say that it's only another month to wait because my other half works away. Jan we planned and saved for but will have no option to go away in Feb, so wouldn't be able to start treatment as he wouldn't be here. That brings us to March, which is when Annabelle was conceived in our last treatment this year. Another cruel joke played on us. We miss our daughter more than ever, and now our only chance of starting January for the chance of another child is if another poor lady can't start.

Christmas was hard enough as it was!

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  • Sorry to hear you have alot of grief recently. Its very hard when you have a plan in your head and things dont turn out that way. I know exactly how you feel. When we went for our last appt to sort out our recent 2nd cycle i was told i missed starting it by 1 day, i was gutted as you can imagine. After feeling dissapointed i got my head together and planned on getting myself fitter and ready as i had the extra time. I am now in my 2 week wait and worried about any little pain i do or dont have. Im trying not to stress but its hard. Im so tired as well and have lots to do but dont have the energy to do stuff. Good luck with next cycle and i hope you have a lovely christmas xx

  • Yes I can empathise with the 2ww worries and tiredness, I remember it well. It wouldn't worry me quite so much if my OH had a regular stay at home job, but he doesn't and honestly we wouldn't have been able to afford treatment again if he hadn't, but we had planned his work and our savings around when we were told we would start. They didn't inform us that Jan could be busy, and after the appt in Nov when we were told January we were not aware that we weren't penciled in for it, we're just told we would start Jan, so it's very frustrating and bloody scary actually as we now have no idea what or when it will happen next year. Good luck with the wait, hope you get your positive result x

  • It is a nightmare but just keep your hopes up that it all goes to plan in jan. Are you paying privately? Im so lucky and thankful we can have nhs help otherwise we wouldn't have a chance. I really hope you start in Jan so you can feel more relaxed and less stressed. Good luck wuth everything. Thank you so much. Im going to try and enjoy my christmas without worrying about things as much as poss xx

  • You only get one shot with nhs here and unfortunately we lost twin one early on and then our daughter later in the pregnancy. My gp did try to get additional funding as exceptional circumstances but it was refused as we expected so we're paying. We had saved a decent amount of money before treatment pm my partner could be home for treatment and initial scan, and in case it didn't workwe could afford to try again, but obviously didn't imagine we'd loose her, so most of our savings disappeared when my partner was unable to work and I signed off. Not helped that my partners industry has had an unusually poor year so like many people in his position jobs have been few and far between. He was applying for working as a packer before Christmas and kept being told he was over qualified!

    I spoke to the clinic earlier and asked about norethisterone, nurse agreed worth a shot to delay my af a few days, was a complete joke trying to get hold of my gp to ask for it, damm receptionists!

  • If they can give something to delay af fingers crossed that will help and you will start again next month. You sound like you have had a similar year to me and my husband. Its surprising how much fight you have in you that you didnt had until you start going through ivf. Its good to know you have support from family and friends to. Good luck xx

  • Family support is in short demand, after 10yrs of ttc it's been a long tough time. Good luck to you too x

  • Im sorry to hear you dont have much support. Thats the main thing helps when things go belly up. Im here for you if you need to discuss or vent. Good luck xx

  • Sorry to hear this. I know it can be really frustrating to have to wait longer for treatment than you want to. I hope everything works out.

    Take care of yourself. Christmas can be a really difficult time of year x

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