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Second round & (Christmas) diet!

Hello everyone

We're due to start our second round in January after our October cycle failed. On our first round and the lead up to it I was really conscious of my diet.. Plenty of fruit,veg,protein etc.

Since it failed, I've basically been eating anything I like and now Christmas is almost upon us, I'm still doing the same!

Is anyone else starting a new cycle in Jan? Are you watching what you eat? It's SO hard this time of year!! 😂

Also, has anyone had a long and short protocol? Which did you prefer? Our last cycle was short however our two embryos didn't take so this time we're doing long.

So many questions, hope everyone has a great Christmas... Now where are the mince pies?!


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I start as a newbie in Jan, I am trying to eat well but also thinking everything in moderation, I quit caffeine a few months ago, hardly drink alcohol anyway and started Acupunture 6 months ago. I am on short protocol as got low amh xxx


I had this conversation with my hubby today! We may be starting 3rd cycle in January and am slightly reluctant to so can indulge at Christmas.

I looked at Google and it says eat well for 3 months prior to treatment! I think as Button 123 says everything in moderation. It says to avoid sat fat as this aparently decreases the egg quality.

Just stick to healthy eating and give yourself some treats over Christmas. Sure it won't hurt. Good luck x x



I had a failed cycle in the summer which was a short protocol with 2 embryos transferred. We have just had our FET done with a long protocol. OTD is 22nd Dec😐 I must say I preferred the short protocol in the sense that I wasn't injecting or taking meds for so long but felt bloated and suffered more with headaches and stomach cramps (presumably due to being a fresh cycle too). I also tried accupuncuture but although it helped ease the symtoms it didn't help the embryos take😔.

This time I have been injecting for 6 weeks, which hasn't been pleasant along with meds and pesseries the last week and other than a few headaches have luckily suffered with very few symptoms. Both have pros and cons really!

Regarding diet I eat a lot of fruit, veg and protein anyway but have a very sweet tooth!! I have tried to give up chocolate and can't so I'm eating everything in moderation. I cut out caffeine and alcohol when I started the treatment and try to drink 2 litres of water a day too. I also exercised right up until transfer day but am now on rest for my 2WW.

IVF takes over your life anyway so depriving youself of what you enjoy just makes things worse sometimes.

I wish you good luck and lots of baby dust for Christmas🎅🏻🎅🏻🎄🎄 👶👶


Good luck boothy1883 let us know how you get on. The only that scares me about the treatment is how I will feel off all the drugs xxx

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Hi, good luck with it. I start tomorrow also. I have all kinds of food allergies/intolerances connected to autoimmune issues so food is always difficult but I have to admit that I did allow myself more treats than usual over Christmas despite the IVF being just around the corner. I had previously given up sweet things for a couple of months but there were too many chocs around and life is already rotten when you can't have gluten, caffeine and alcohol! Also I hadn't heard about the saturated fat thing, all the stuff I follow about hormonal balance etc seems to suggest fats are good and processed low fat products are the worst, so I've been trying to be as 'paleo' as possible but without worrying too much about the amount of olive oil, coconut oil or ghee I cook with. I do really want a baby, and hope the daily injections will get me back on track ditching all sugar, and eating as much veg as possible but I guess worrying about what I ate over Christmas is going to do more harm than good at this stage- my main aim is to keep stress low. As it is I've already started losing sleep with the anticipation of it all, and feel like I'm getting a cold!! hopefully colds and flu don't impact too much on IVF outcomes and if they did we would know about it. Good luck to you all, it's nice to be in contact with others taking the plunge around now xxx

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