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Not immune to Rubella

Hi all, hope you're all doing well wherever you are at.

So long story short at our appointment last week we got told we can start treatment straight away, however they came running down the corridor after us and called us back in to say that they have re-read my notes and I'm not immune to Rubella and that I need to go and get vaccinated straight away.

They have given us another appointment for six weeks time but in the mean time I am starting to panic as I have been googling (shouldn't have). It says that some people never become immune because they don't build up the anti-bodies. I had the jabs when I was small and I've been told that they can just wear off.

I'm very scared now that our dream of treatment might be ripped away from us when we have come so close because I can't be immune. Has any one else ever experienced this and can give some positive outcomes?

Thank youu xxxx

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I also needed to have the vaccine again as it had worn off, I wouldn’t worry until you get re tested as it’s quite a common thing! My clinic told me there are 2 vaccines, one you have to wait 3 months before starting ivf and the other just 1 month so double check with your nurse (it’s in the info leaflet in the vaccine box).

Best of luck x


Hi, I had this also but I was immune after having another jab. Don’t worry about it too much because I think if you are someone who cannot be immune then it’s your discretion to go ahead with treatment. As most of the general public is immune, the risk is quite low if you are not immune xx


Definitely get the jab as the risks are miscarriage or birth defects if you catch it. And after years of it being a rare disease, it is now doing the rounds again. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and last week one of my staff told me that his daughter had it. He than sat next to me, talking over my water bottle for the next 30 minutes as I panicked trying to remember the outcome of my immunology checks and how many rubella jabs I've had. I then had a scare yesterday as I started bleeding. I went to the EPU and had to be quarantined away from the other ladies, which was obviously brilliant of the doctors. It's not worth the risk or the concern you'll undoubtedly feel. Plus, as the other ladies say, I'm sure it has just worn off and you'll be fine after getting the jab. Good luck xx


I had the same issue. Had the rubella jab as a child and was immune when tested in 2009 for work placement. When I went to get my bloods done for appointment with fertility clinic it showed that I had lost immunity. After stressing out and having a moan 🙈 I just went to GP to get the jab, waited about 4/5 weeks and went back for blood test, and thankfully it confirmed I was immune again. Best of luck!


I am also not immune despite having precious immunity on a blood test- my clinic werent concerned at all, and actually current guidelines are not to test for rubella immunity if youve previously been vaccinated!

if your GP is happy to vaccinate again then definately go ahead but try not to worry too much!


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