What would you recommend I do to prepare for this journey?

Hi, All going well I should be starting ivf/icsi !! I'm off for a nice holiday first as we were told it would be September roughly we would be called as nhs waiting list was a year, however I'm happy that I got the early call and able to fit holiday in before as it was all booked 🤗 .. Anyway I'm due my period a week after I'm bk so all going well I'll start treatment. We have another app on the 9th June just to check we know what we need to do. OH has low sperm count and motility but not too Overy worried as it's sill 1000''s !! Anyway enough of me blabbing on , just wanted to fill you in😋..... I take folic acid but would anyone recommend me or OH do anything else to help the process? ? Tia xx

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  • Just try to relax as much as you can and keep busy after transfer. I ate what I wanted (aside from the pregnancy banned list), played crazy golf shortly after transfer and got a BFP! Good luck x

  • Thank u & congratulations xx

  • Can I ask if you took any vitamin's ?x

  • I was recommended pregnancare by the nurse X

  • Thank u x

  • Hope you have a wonderful time and best of luck with your journey Ems, the wife is now 20 weeks pregnant with ICSI, we're expecting ( so we've been told at our latest scan... a baby girl) the journey is a long one but with the support here, you'll be fine.

  • So please for you. A baby girl!!!! Congratulations x

  • I think a holiday is a great thing to do before treatment. I did the same for my current cycle and think its helped me to remain positive, the sun definitely strengthened my mental aspect and had the holiday feel good factor! I dont really have any advice apart from try to have fun away and then focus on treatment afterwards!xx

  • I never planned it like that as it was a call I wasn't expecting early !! But worked out great. Thank u x

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