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FET Protocol

Hi there, can anyone explain the timescales for a medicated FET protocol? Today is Day 1 of AF and I called the clinic. They asked me to go for a pre-treatment scan on Tuesday (is it normal to wait 4 days?). I called the clinic to ask them to explain the timescales as I read that the scan should be on day 2 or 3. They explained that I would receive an injection on Day 23, return for a scan 2 weeks later to check lining, return again 2 weeks later to check its ready for the transfer. So that's 7 weeks start to finish if all goes smoothly? Does this sound right?

I'm feeling so frustrated once again with ERI who don't seem to care about the individual patient journey and both nurses today couldn't hang up on me fast enough.

This is my first FET after failed first fresh cycle in September. All self funded but on the NHS this doesn't make an ounce of difference in the way you are treated. Am terribly fed up and it's stress I don't need.

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Hey, didn't see this until after your reply on my post...

Each clinic is different so not sure how yours does it, but I won't be going for the early scan like you are on Tues (yest was my day 1). I am to start my injections on day 21, every day, and within 7-10 days I should bleed. Then I call back for next steps, but as I understand it at that point I think I start the oestrogen pills whilst continuing with the buserelin injections. That goes on for about 12-14 days I think then I have a scan, then about 1 week later the transfer (assuming the scan showed good lining).

Hopefully you will get more clarity at the clinic on Tuesday, but I'd ring them back during weekend if you can or Mon if you really aren't comfortable with the level of information. However it's not really until you start the jabs that things kick off

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Hi WeeMrsH, thanks for helping me better understand the steps. I was just so frustrated yesterday when the nurses didn't take the time to explain the protocol. If the purpose of the appt on Tuesday was to take me through everything then they could have said so instead of the half hearted response. Arghhh! I had to push to get started this month as they wanted me to call in Jan b/c of the Christmas shut down but I've been waiting since end Sep to begin again and with time not on my side, I felt ready to try again. I have only the one embryo waiting and I hope it is strong and a survivor. I'm nervous but will have to try to remain positive. Thanks for your support x I'm so grateful for this forum and already feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders

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You're welcome! Let me

Know how you get on Tuesday x

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I had my period on the 17 Aug. First scan to check I'd shed all my lining was 22nd. 12 Sept was my transfer day that was for frozen. X


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