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Just 5 days till we go back to clinic to arrange our first FET, I will be having it in a natural cycle, so will have to wait until my next period starts and go for scans every day from day 10 of my cycle up until they have seen that I have ovulated, then they will do the transfer 5 days later :) I am choosing to have 2 transferred as I see it as they may have abit lower chance if frozen, not because I think I will have a bigger chance, I hear a lot of stories of woman having 2 transferred and only one takes and that is my goal, I also don't mind twins so if that happens to me I would be extra grateful :) After having a successful operation 7 weeks ago to remove a bad fallopian tube that may of effected the IVF outcome and a hysteroscopy to check my uterine cavity was normal, I was told by the surgeon I have the best chance of pregnancy now in IVF and I sure do feel ready to go now, at the same time im nervous, the clinic I am with are very hopeful for me and that is what keeps me on my toes, its just a matter of being patient and overcoming the fears that come with IVF, this long road can be a lonely time when you walk out of the house and expect people to understand when they don't have a clue, seeing babies everywhere is the worst, in the supermarkets, in the park ect really makes you feel jelous . I hope that day is here soon for all of us girls..x

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Hi - wishing you every success.. I start with the menopur tomorrow night - on the short protocol. I am extra nervous as with my low results I just may not respond at all. wouldn't know till I try though

Hi good luck with your cycle, what was you result for ovarian reserve? hope everything goes good for you :)

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Very best of luck with your treatment. May you also have a miracle result as we have heard many times on this forum. 😉

Hi danielle thats good news it will be here in no time :-) yeh dont you think everytime you go out you always see a dozen pregnant women! Its like a walk in the park for alot of women whereas we are living a nightmare over and over again. I really hope it works for you xx

Hi Crystal, your exactly right, every day can seen like a year when seeing babies and going through fertility treatment, and I know no one expects there life to turn out like this, but we all muddle on with it some how. I really hope it works too, if it does I wont need to do a full round of IVF but I wont get my hopes too high just in case.. How are you doing ? xx

Woop, woop, you're almost there! A big sigh of relief! Fingers and toes crossed for you!

Thankyou Filmgirl101 x

Sending you loads of love and luck. No-one can understand just how painful it is seeing babies everywhere you go and dealing with other people's happy news. But those of us on here DO understand. I'm 12 weeks pregnant on Mon from my 1st fet, natural cycle also - I hope that gives you some hope. I'm convinced that frosties take because the embryos have to be strong just to get frozen. Xxx

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😍😍😍 very motivational.

Thank you for these words they are bound to warm many of our hearts and fill us with hope 😉

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Best wishes throughout your pregnacy. Enjoy every moment❤

Hi Jenny reading your news has made me feel hopeful, and congratulations to you both :) it just goes to prove sometimes that even if the fresh transfer does not take, theres always room for a back up plan with frosties and that the body is drug free or less drug free in a frozen transfer and they do work.. how many did you get to freeze? best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy. xx

Thanks Danielle, if it worked for me it can work for you too! I know when I was going through it it made me feel hopeful to read other's success stories so I'm glad that made you feel hopeful. We have 3 frosties left. Good luck and stay positive xxx

How many did you have transferred jenny, were they day 5 or day 6 as we have 3 frozen on day 5 and 4 frozen on day 6 x

Hi Jenny thanks again x

Hi, they were both day 5 blasts. We had 2 put back but this was not what we had planned. The one they thawed did not survive the thawing process very well and the embryologist said it was "unlikely to result in a pregnancy". They gave us the option of discarding it and thawing another, or trying anyway with the 1st one. We asked if we could thaw another and put them both back and they said yes. I wasnt surprised that only one stuck as I dont think the 1st one would have made it either way. xxx

Hi jenny it is good that you still give it a chance anyways as it is peace of mind for you that you did not discard it and would of always wondered "what if" and that is exactly my attitude to, however our clinic is allowing me to have 2 transferred with them being frozen I think because they do seem to have a lower chance but have warned me of twins, but they are changing the rules to only allowing one transferred now in frozen transfers because of the high percentage of multiple births so I am unsure what they will say when we do eventually have the transfer in the next month. Was your other 3 blasts day 5 too, they say the day 6 blasts are good, but they just take an extra day to get there. xx

Hi, that's what we thought - there was no way we could discard the embryo without giving it a chance. If you have blasts the chances of success from a FET are the same as with a fresh embryo nowadays. Depending on your age and whether you are private or not they will allow you to have more than one transferred but some 'strongly' advise against it. I think they'll still let you put 2 back even if you are NHS - it's your decision at the end of the day. One of my 3 remaining blasts is a day 5, the other 2 are day six. That is my understanding too; the day 6ers made it to blast stage, they just took a little longer. They are still really good quality embryos! xxx

Hi jenny you have given me a lot of hope for these next transfers, our embryos were frozen when I was 29 so they should be in good shape hopefully, I wish you well with the rest of your pregnancy and will keep you updated. xx

Thanks, lots of love and luck to you too xxxxc

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Good luck xx

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It sounds as a if we are around the same stage.

I am sorry that you feel this way about seeing babies/child, I have times where I am happy and really love being around them but like everyone else in this situation there are times where I it makes me feel very sad too 😢.

But all should change very soon and we should just try to stay relaxed and positive, blablabla. ..easier said than done😁.

I keep hearing and saying this to myself but my subconscious tells me otherwise.

I have already started tracking my ovulation so am just slightly ahead. Have to go in everyday from tomorrow (day 10) for follicles measuring and from there get them put in.

Up until now I had been able to keep myself busy and not think soo much about it but for the past 3 nights I have been having trouble sleeping (which is extremely rare) and loads of nightmares (not treat related)...wake up feeling very agitated and anxious.

Now when we are told this should be a happy and relaxed time I wonder what more can I do to help (i. e I exercise, eat healthy, started Shiatsu and even practice /read meditation /mindfulness).

Anyway, forgive the essay😊 but just needed to let it out and maybe also get some more advice.

Well I also hope that you find your happy place and wish you(and all) the very best of luck 🍀😊

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