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Natural FET ovulation sticks


So I am about to embark on our first fet. My clinic want me to do a natural fet as they said they get better results. I was surprised as I thought we were going to do a medicated one.

They said I have to buy an ovulation kit and test from day 10, I’m really concerned about this, I’ve heard the kits aren’t reliable. They don’t do blood tests and only scan after I get the smiley face on the ovulation stick. I also think I ovulate later on in my cycle.

Has anyone else had to do this with a natural fet. Thank you!

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Hi I’ve just had a natural Fet on the 2nd December and got my bfp on the 13th. It’s been so much better this time round having no medication at all. I used the clear blue tests for ovulation. I also found that my lining without any medication was 13mm where I was struggling to get near 7. Just praying this one sticks around, I had a chemical pg on my last medicated fet a few months ago. Xx

Thank you for your reply can I ask which clear blue test you used? Did you have any blood tests or scans while you were waiting to ovulate?

Aww sorry about your chemical! Congratulations on your bfp, wishing you a healthy 9 months xx

I didn’t have any scans or blood tests, I just took the clear blue ovulation sticks from day 9 I did just in case and bang on day 14 I got the smiley face, then i just rang the clinic and they booked me in for a transfer 6 days after. They told me during my transfer what my lining was but that was only because I’d asked. The good thing about it is any twinges or side effects is definitely not from the drugs, I felt so much better this time round xx

Hi lovely, hope you don’t mind me asking but did you use pessaries for your natural FET? If so, when did you start using them? I’ve been advised natural might be the best option for me and was wondering what happens with that side of things?

Thanks 😊 xxx

I haven’t had to use the pessaries with my natural transfer, once you ovulate and the embryo is transferred 6 days later you body produces the progesterone naturally. On my scan she said that my right ovary was supporting my pregnancy. X

Ahh I see! Thanks so much ☺️Congratulations on your BFP xxx

Buy the dual hormone sticks from Clearblue. They are amazing. You can test as often as you like and aren't locked into once a day testing. Best of luck

Yeah I think I will do thank you. I think I’m just scared il do it wrong or mess up xx

You can't mess it up or do it wrong.


This is exactly what I did. I used the clear blue digital ovulation tests. They were a bit more pricey than others but I felt they were tinge most reliable. I used my first wee of the day and kept a log. The test had a flashing smiley face to indicate high fertility then give a solid smiley to indicate peak fertility and this is when I rang the clinic. I ovulate at different times thought my cycle they’re never the same so was quite worried about this. I started my period on 5th Nov, got my solid smiley on 24th Nov, had FET on 29th Nov and got our first ever BFP on 10th Dec.

Our clinic told me they get better results from a natural FET too and we did!

Hope this helps 😊 xx

amyw_15 in reply to amyw_15

I also tested twice a day once I got the flashing smiley face just incase I got the LH surge in the middle of the day as I didn’t want to miss it! Xx

mydogchi in reply to amyw_15

Yes that helps massively thank you! I think I’m just a bit worried il do something wrong or the sticks won’t tell me I’m ovulating when I am but il prob do what you did and test twice. Did you get any blood tests or scans while you were waiting to ovulate or did you just literally have to wait for the sticks to tell you? Did you have any medication at all?

Congratulations on your bfp that’s amazing news and very reassuring that it works. It’s a lovely Christmas present for you! Good luck for the next 9 months xx

amyw_15 in reply to mydogchi

Thank you! I’m still super nervous and worried! We have a scan on 31st 🤞🏻 so excited but trying not to overthink haha!

I didn’t have any medication or blood tests/scans. I had an ultrasound as part of the FET where they measured the thickness and confirmed all was good to go! I literally just had to wait for the sticks which was so annoying I felt like it was taking ages!!! But I for there in the end! xxx

Hey guys I’ve started my journey 😀🤞🏻. I have been getting flashy smiles for 6 days now, is that normal? I expected to get my solid smile by now. I’m worried I have missed the Lh surge x

Millbanks in reply to mydogchi

Sometimes I had flashy smiles for a week before a solid smile. The LH builds slowly so it’s not unusual. Xx

mydogchi in reply to Millbanks

Hi Millbanks! I’ve just checked again this afternoon and got a solid smile 😃 xx

Millbanks in reply to mydogchi

Woohoo!!! Best of luck xx

mydogchi in reply to Millbanks

Thank you!! ☺️ xx

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