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I'm confused about FET

Hey all,

So I'm reading over my form about the FET process and I'm confused so hope someone can help although I know all clinics work differently.

Basically the clinic have asked me to call on the first day of my period when we're going to start our FET.

The form says I'll be given a once of injection which will stop my period, I'll then go back 2 weeks later where they will check my endometrial lining. If the lining has thinned down then I'll be put on hormone replacement medication for another two weeks. After this I will attend clinic to ensure optimal thickness. And once this is achieved I will be given an exact date for when transfer will take place. So all this information is fine and makes sense.

However, on the next page it says I'll be asked for a baseline blood test in the first few days of my period and then I'll have daily blood tests from around cycle day 10/11 until ovulation is confirmed. This is so they can time exactly when to transfer embryo so it's more like it's a natural cycle.

This is what confuses me. So when are these blood tests going to happen?

If I'm being given an injection to stop my period for 2 weeks at the start?

I'm probably confusing everyone as much as myself here lol but hoping someone has maybe been through a similar FET process and can maybe explain


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Hey Hun. Bascially I started taking my bursellin injections from day 21 of my cycle. This put my body in shut down mode. I did bleed during this time as this bleeding is making your lining thin. I had a blood test taken on every baseline scan I went to (I had 3! Mine was a little complicated) I then started stimming and on day 7 of stimming I went to have a scan done to check that I am producing follicles, again I had a blood test. I am having 3 more scans next week and have been told I'm having bloods taken before these scans aswell. I hope this has helped. Sorry if I confused you even more! Xx

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Thanks for your reply. That does help. I think maybe then when I call with my period and get the injection that'll make it stop that might be when they'll start doing blood tests too? As even though I might not still be bleeding it'll still indicate when I ovulate?

Although saying that I might be wrong because 2 weeks after the injection I'll be having 2 weeks of hormone tablets so they wouldn't need to confirm ovulation before that?

God I don't know. I wish they would write the forms so it's easy to understand lol xxx


I never took tablets hun! I guess every clinic is different. But it's probably best to call your clinic to find out. When I went for my first appointment I had just finished my period. So therefore I was allowed to start my day 21 on that cycle xx

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Hi amanda, I had fet in October after I miscarried in September...after I miscarried, my clinic also asked me to wait for my period and inform them...I was asked to use progynova from the period day n went for scan after 10 days..lining was good, so they did fet after 3 days...I got bfp on fet last Tuesday n praying for healthy pregnancy this time...fet s les stressful n much easier than fresh cycle...Good luck to you...


Thanks so much and congratulations on your BFP!

Yeah I've read it's a lot less stressful.

I still have ages until my FET but just like to get things in my head like what's happening and stuff lol. Xxx

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Further I m on progynova n crinone gel til 10weeks..

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Im doing fet medicated I started buserelin day 21 of my cycle then had a scan 2 weeks to check lining was thin my first scan wasnt showing my lining thin enough so had to continue with buserelin and return the following week, I went back and the lining showed it had thinned so i then started progynova the day after for 8 days till my next scan this was to check the lining had starting thickening I finish buserelin tomorrow and continue progynova

I have my transfer booked in friday 18th November x

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Thanks for your reply and good luck with your FET. Not long until your transfer 😀

All clinics seem to do things so differently. I may call them just to clarify as I still can't seem to understand the form I've got. It's not explained very well anyway 🤔 xxx


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