Good and bad news today!!!

Well the good news after waiting so long we have the go ahead to start IVF in January and we are very lucky to get two funded cycles so we are both over the moon. Just a little concerned as we have always been diagnosed with unexplained fertility but the consultant told me today I have a low amh (4.8) and this could be a problem. Can anyone explain anything about this or anyone else got this? Can you do anything to improve it?

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • I have a low amh to, means that your reserves are low, I've had ivf and got pregnant. It's nothing to do with egg quality though its about the number left. So I'm afraid nothing you can do. You are born with your eggs and they gradually die.

    Good luck.

  • That's so much and it gives me hope knowing it worked for you. I feel abit calmer today after lots of googling think I was just in shock. The consultants just talk so matter of fact like your suppose to know all these things. Thanks again x

  • I had my first AMH done in July 2014, and it came back at about 11.2, if I remember correctly. I also had vitamin D? (can't remember if it was D or E) done at the time, and it came back low, so I was on supplements of D3 for a while, until back to normal. At the time I also read that there was some weak evidence of a correlation between low amh and low vit D?. I had my amh done this summer again just before starting ivf and it came back at around 12.8. I don't really know whether the difference between the two values is significant or not, tbh, but maybe it is worth investigating.

  • My AMH is lower, at 3. I believe normal is >22. They won't look at this in isolation though - they will also confirm with antral follicle count and ask you about your cycles. My cycles were shortening and I only had 5 follicles and this caused alarm. I was told IVF would be my best chance of having a baby successfully, having had 3 mc previously. They believed the mc was probably due to the low egg reserve, coupled with a blood clotting disorder. I am 8 weeks today with twins, having had only 3 mature eggs at ec and 2 that made it to blastocyst - there is definitely hope for stories like ours! My clinic gave me an info leaflet on AMH levels, maybe you can request one from yours too. IVF isn't easy but stay positive, it is possible that it will work for you.

  • Thanks everyone I don't know what I would do without this site. Really can't wait for 2016 now to get started x

  • Enjoy Christmas and make the most of it. You won't be in much form for socialising during treatment and you'll be off the alcohol soon too! Start your prenatal vitamins and folic acid if you haven't done so already.

  • I am going to enjoy Christmas I rarely drink anyway (even before all this) I have been taking the vitamins for well over a year, gave up caffeine a couple of months ago and been having Acupunture for last six months so feel in a good place and ready to start even started meditation which I plan to do more of. Just going to enjoy being with family, lots of days out and laughter ready to face January head on xxx

  • Sounds like the perfect plan! You definitely sound well prepared for this.

  • Pineapple is supposed to be good too for improving the lining and therefore helping implantation. Never too soon to start in my humble opinion. When I worked with ladies ttc, I always said treat yourself as if you are already pregnant and you won't go far wrong.

    Good luck, keep us posted

  • That's a great way of looking at it thanks, I love pineapple although not had it for ages, might stock up 🍍🍍

    Thanks everyone xxx

  • They will start you on a higher dose of drugs with a low AMH. There seems to be a correlation to how you respond to the drugs and AMH, although some of us just plain don't respond for unknown reasons!

    They will advise you. Take vitamins especially with folic acid as it's very important to a developing foetus. Just be healthy, happy, and enjoy your few weeks being injection free.

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