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Feeling teary/good news or bad news


I’m feeling really teary tonight don’t know why was all good until I got home from egg retrieval today, I’m just hoping I get the call tomorrow but I have a gut feeling it’s not going to be good! Need to snap out of it have an early night and pray for the best🙏🙏 sorry just had to get it out there urgh!

Good luck to everyone else that’s had the same or having the same this week thinking of you all xx

I had 4 last time and one made it I pray for two so I can have two put back please 🙏

Night all xx

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Aww I'm so sorry you're feeling sad. I really feel for you.

It's a very very stressful time but you have done as much as you can. Have a good rest and I hope it's great news in the morning. Xxx

Try and be positive! Easier said than done I know. I only had 4, 2 fertilised and here I am now, feeding my baby to sleep :) People always say it but it only takes one.

That said, I remember how I felt the night after retrieval. I was on my acupuncturist's table when I got the good news the next day.

Here's hoping you have your two fertilised eggs tomorrow! :)

How lovely xx I’m hoping I can say the same in a couple of years thank you for your reply x

4 fertilised out of 4 🙏

Wishing you luck for tomorrow’s phone call. It’s one of the worst things, all the waiting to find out what’s happening. Remember you’ve done all you can. Hoping you’ll be pleasantly surprised in the morning xx

4 fertilised out of 4 🙏☺️

Brilliant! xx

Good luck. We had our call today. It’s such a worrying time. Try and get a good nights sleep xx

Ohh great I hope it was a good call xx thank u

We had 7 out of 12 fertilise which is our most we’ve had in 3 cycles! But I don’t feel any less nervous. Good luck xx

Aww... wishing you lots of luck 🤞💕 xx

Oh I remember feeling like this! I found the time after my ET the most emotional of it all. My transfer was on a Friday and I was a teary mess all weekend. Wishing you so much luck xx

Good luck for your phone call. I can relate, I found this part the most stressful part of the process so far! Hope you get good news xx

Thank you xx

4 out of 4 phew! 🙏

Hi wanted to wish you all the best for today. I had my ec yesterday too so feeling very nervous for the call today. It’s our second round and last time we only got two eggs. One developed well enough to transfer on day three (but then failed) but the other one wasn’t able to be frozen which was very disappointing. We managed to get more eggs this time but you still can’t help feel negative about it all and worry you won’t get any. It really is hard as every step on this journey feels like a massive hurdle. Thinking of you today and let’s hope we both get some good news. Xx

Oh I really hope you get the same good news!!

I had the same last time 2 fertilise one didn’t make it to day 3 and one they put didn’t take.

I’ve had 4 eggs retrieved both times so that’s why I was a little upset.

Good luck hun and I hope they call us earlier than later 🙏🙏🙏🙏 let me know how u get on I’m sat at my desk just staring at my phone x

I will do. Keeping everything crossed for us. So hard not to keep checking phone and worrying you have missed a call. Hope you hear really soon. ❤️ Xx

How did you get on hun? 🙏

Hey so pleased to hear all four of your eggs fertilised. We got 7 yesterday and had good news so far that 6 fertilised so aiming for tues for transfer too. Such a nerve wracking journey but fingers crossed. hope you are feeling ok. Take care of yourself xx

And you hun 🙏🙏 huge good luck for Tuesday too x



Oh the dreaded call. You've done all you can now but I appreciated how much anxiety you'll have at the moment. Good luck. x

It’s no wonder you’re tearful, the waiting after egg collection to hear updates about fertilisation and embryo progress is so stressful. I used to get myself really worked up. Very best of luck for your phone call today. Hoping it’s great news xx

Wishing you lots of luck for the call today, its horrendous waiting on these calls! Hope you managed to get a bit of sleep!xx

4 out of 4 🙏😊

Doesnt get better than that!! Well done that sperm!xx

Hope you get the call today and try to go easy on yourself

Hi everyone I’ve just had the call all 4 fertilised I can’t belive It! They are keeping an eye on them

Over the weekend and then I should be going back in on day 5 so Tuesday x 😊😊 been shaking like a leaf all day x

Fantastic news! So pleased for you!xx

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Great news, jess. Good luck for transfer xx

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