It's a good news/bad news kinda Friday! 😜

So further to my af arriving this week and my subsequent BFN on Tuesday....I had to still have a blood test this morning on my otd to tell me what I already knew!

The clinic called me to say my hcg levels were zero which pretty much means that my "top grade embie" didn't even try and rude! πŸ˜…

The good news is as I have my 5 x awesome totsicles in the freezer I can go again after my next af! πŸ˜ƒ No follow up appointment, nothing else required!

So I've spent the last 2wks shooing old af it can't come back quick enough! C'mon af!!!

Hope all you ladies that also got BFN's this week are looking after yourselves?...and I hope all you lucky BFP'ers are chilling to the max and not allowing yourselves to worry about anything!! 😘

Happy Friday everyone! xxx

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  • Hi Oakey80. Well I suppose they have to go through the testing for their records. Sad about the BFN, but good news that you can get cracking again once AF obliges. Just wanted to wish you massive luck next time around. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diana. I'm disappointed but genuinely not too upset as it was only our first go. I was always told 1st go was always more for diagnostics anyway and I've taken a lot of learnings from it, just by experiencing it for myself and finding out what it's all about.

    If the next go doesn't work I'll probably be more upset...especially as it's our last nhs funded!

  • Hi Oakey80. What you say is quite true about being a bit of a learning curve. However, it is for the clinic too, as they gather much information about how you have reacted etc to the treatment cycle. Massive luck this time. Diane

  • Can I ask you a question as I will be in the same boat on Monday can you start you frozen on this period when it comes or do you mean period after this one?? I am not sure how frozen cycles work to be honest x

  • Hi Button,

    It's the one after. So for example when my next af comes in 4wks I have to call the clinic and then much the same as a fresh cycle I can start down regging on day 21 and take it from there. I'll be back on the buserelin for DR but then just taking pills for progesterone and estrogen...Hope that helps! xx

  • Thanks. This cycle was our first using DE so didn't do any Injections just had patches for a couple of weeks before then pessaries and patches after, so I am guessing that's how they will do it again xx

  • It's gonna be a doddle compared to the fresh cycle i just had lol!...I'm actually looking forward to it xx

  • It's weird after a fresh cycle far easier,it's just the 2ww get harder. We may well be cycle buddies again if my clinic give me the go ahead on Monday xx

  • Ooh you'll have to let me know! I'm just glad I've swerved the gonal f for my next go...that stuffs a killer! xx

  • Will do and yes defo nice to swerve the heavy drugs xx

  • My blood test has showed negative result. I can't accept this. I could understand I need to start one more cycle.

    It's terrifying and stressful at the same time because it was my first stimulation. I didn't have any before.

    The one good thing is they(my clinic) were able to freeze 6 little embies. Thanks God, they managed to do this and we will have a chance to try more than one time.

  • Good luck with your next try! Wishing u 2nd time lucky πŸ€

  • And at least you won't have to go through stimulation again...Thanks to your ones in the freezer!

  • oh, yes. it's wonderful. honestly, the stimulation is the hardest thing that I ever had. my little frosties are waiting the new surrogate. the consultant said we would be informed about it. thanks clinic, I'm sure in the success.

    btw, how are you?

  • Hi Danysh13,

    I'm good thank you. Had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine. One thing I have realised is how much I am looking forward to starting treatment again! I thought I'd need at least a bit of a break but mentally I'm raring to go!

    It's funny how quickly you forget about the harder parts of the treatment as soon as it's over!

    I hope you are ok and got to enjoy some of the nice weather this weekend? Spring is definitely on its way πŸ˜„ xx

  • no, I didn't forget about it. I will always remember that my first baby didn't born.

    I just had listen to my husband, He was right, he told me that we are together and there are no worries about future pregnancy.

    p.s. what else should I do, I have only my hope for the success and that gives me the strength to move on. I know it's hard but I have to, I have to be strong, it's not a time for my weakness.

  • I'm sorry for your bfn, but it is great that you have some frozen embies! I hope you can get started on the next stage soon.

    xx Lots of baby dust to you :)

  • Sorry to hear your news, but you're sounding very positive to continue on your journey so good for you!!!!

    I had a BFN too this week and a nasty AF, which continues - I'm getting my hair done as we speak as a pamper!

    Can I ask is it only some clinics that take bloods after negative or positive test results? My clinic hasn't done this, have only taken my word (or clear blue ha). Just wondering if there is something I should be pushing for?


  • Hi Crocodile!

    Tbh I don't even know why I feel so positive....I just do. You never know how you're gonna feel after all this crazy treatment so I just take each day as it comes! I honestly thought I'd feel more upset but hey ho...I'm not gonna complain!

    Good on you getting your hair done...I'm back in my skinny jeans after 3wks of living in leggings and joggers (so not me!) because of all the bloating! πŸ˜…

    RE the testing, each clinic is different. Mine insists on a blood test which did kinda annoy I know what my af is lol! I even asked if I had to have it and they said it can give them more info as to what stage the embie reached. It might be a load of tosh but I was a good girl and did as I was told (again so unlike me haha!)

    Hope you're ok and have some lovely plans for the weekend!


  • I find your positivity so inspiring :) i was sorry to hear about your BFN but wish you all the best for the next try........ and look forward to BFP post next time xxx

  • Thanks Rainbow! I must say I didn't plan to be positive, it just seems to have happened! I think it's important that anyone who ends up in this situation just runs with whatever they it wouldn't be healthy to bottle it up!!...I do like to focus on the little positive things in life in general though...maybe that's helped! xxx

  • Bless you.... sometimes we surprise ourselves don't we.... you definitely have to just go with the flow. You give me some inspiration to try and look at more positives so thank you!!! Take care of yourself. Sending you lots of baby dust for your snow babies :) xxx

  • So glad you have some Frosties cx

  • I am so glad too. I don't think I'd be half as positive otherwise! When I went for egg collection my sole "want" was to get some embies in the freezer. I wasn't even thinking of a bfp this time. Its just always been my gut feeling that the frosties will work for me at some point! xxx

  • My consultant said they often work better, and I've seen on here that some clinics prefer not to do fresh transfer as they think the body is too traumatised after EC for success. So your Frosties have a good chance. I wish I had some! Starting the drugs tonight for round two, having only had three eggs and one embie last time.

  • Sorry about your bfn but I must say you have a great positive attitude 😊 Lots of luck for your fet Hun xx

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