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Moving house

Hi ladies hope you are all well!

I am due to start my first round of ICSI in my next cycle which will be around the 20th December. I am a little worried as we are moving house (and being pushed to do this before Christmas- I am trying to push this back!) but our new house will be under a different CCG. I have already received approval for one round of ICSI and will have started taking the pill and most likely started buserelin before I move - will I loose this round of funding? Or as treatment has already started will I be OK?


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We had the same situation, I sympathise as it adds a whole heap of unnessecary stress to an already emotional journey. Our previous postcode funded only one round of ivf and our new postcode funded none. We discussed this with our doctor in the previous postcode who offered to write a letter to the care trusts supporting our treatment whilst we carried on with our hospital appointments and scans. I'm assuming that one of 2 things happened, the admin of the NHS is so slow that we finished our treatment before they looked at our case, or they decided to continue and support our treatment as we never heard another word about it.

Stopping treatment half way through would be unethical and just so heart wrenching! My husband and I played through all the what ifs scenarios and eventually agreed to crack on until we are told to stop.

I'm sure as you've had approval and are in treatment you will be fine and should crack on. I wouldn't change doctors for the time being though. Good luck xx


Thanks for your reply! We still haven't exchanged so I am just going to keep quiet and hope for the best!! Good luck with everything xx


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