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Hi ladies. I havent been on here for a while since we finished our ivf, but i just want to try and give anyone some hope that is feeling down and fed up with things. We have been through 2 cycles and 5 embryo transfer and sadly none have worked. As you can imagine myself and my husband have been heartbroken by this but luckily by supporting each other and having support from family and friends we have come out the other side and are now going to go through the adoption route. We go on a course next week and if im honest im both excited and nervous at the same time.

I think my reason for writing this is just to help anyone that has come to the end unsuccessful and needs that bit of inspiration to continue. Ivf is not an easy process but once you start thinking about your options past it you can move on.

I hope everyone is kind to themselves and looks after themselves. I wish everyone the very best with their treatment and hope you all get your little families you have so long been waiting for. Good luck ladies xx

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  • Good luck Sam101 xxx

  • Best of luck on the new part of your journey xxx

  • Thanks for sharing Sam...and good luck with your new journey! I'm still going through ivf treatment but before we even knew we had an issue, myself and dh were interested in adoption.

    Out of interest how long did you wait before you contacted an agency and how long did you wait until you could go on the course? xx

  • Thanks. We also discussed about adoption when we started the ivf process as we knew if the ivf didnt work that was our only option. We contacted agencies before the last transfer as we knew it was our last go and needed to see whst the process was should we have to start it. We have had 2 home visits from 2 different agencies and were waiting for a third but doesn't look like thats going to happen. We have picked the agency we like and they invited us on the course after the home visit. Some agencies say you have to be 6 months after your treatment has finished but we were nearly there so were lucky. We are so ready for our own little family, i just hope we can get through this with no problems. Good luck with your ivf xx

  • Hiya,

    Thanks for the info. It used to be 12mths you had to wait which felt like an age...6mths seems like no time...Especially if you can make enquiries in the meantime!

    Well good luck for the course. You'll have to keep us updated as to how it all goes. Exciting times ahead!!!


  • Thank you for the positive read ☺ we're currently at the 'heartbroken' stage, so hearing that you have made it out the other side is fantastic.

    Best of luck of on your new journey x

  • Best of luck Sam we are currently going through the adoption process also. Feel like ivf was a black hole I finally have hope again. And I know someone else mentioned this but we didn't have to wait 6 months after treatment xx

  • Thanks katya. How far along are you with the process if you dont mind me asking? It does give you something else to focus on definitely. Good luck, i hope it all goes well xx

  • Yes it definitely does. We were accepted in December did training end of Feb. Now waiting to be linked with a social worker so we can start our home study. Good luck with it all xx

  • Good luck with this new chapter xxx

  • Thanks for sharing your story Sam I think it's so important for us to stay open minded with all of this and know that there are other avenues to explore. Wishing you all the best and exciting times ahead for you xxx

  • Congratulations on the route you've chosen. I hope you'll soon have your little family 🤞 X

  • What a lovely post Sam, wishing you all the best in your adoption journey. I do believe you end up with the child who is meant for you, however that comes about. Lots of luck xx

  • Congratulations and good luck on your new journey. We have been making enquiries about adoption and it's all very positive xxx

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