Embryo Transfer- FET

Hello Ladies, delighted to say that embryo thawed perfectly and I now have a hatching 5 day blastocyst transferred. Waiting for the phone call that didn't come till after lunch made me a nervous wreck. Test is week on wed so 2nd December.

Whether any of the things said to aid implantation really work I will be doing everything I did last time and adding the eating pineapple, only drinking room temp drinks, keeping my feet warm etc. Wish me luck x

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  • Awwww well done.....fingers crossed.

    What's the list for siding implantation?

    Goons need it for next year if we go again x

  • Dont know if they are old wives tales but i'm willing to try anything.

    First cycle had accupuncture, drank lots of water, increased protein content, ate brazil nuts, tried to have 7-9 hours sleep.

    This time i'm having pineapple for 5 days, only drinking warm or room temperature drinks, keeping my feet warm and have a jasmine candle next to my bed that im lighting for first time tonight. X

  • I don't know why these clinics keep us in suspense and call so late in the day! It was the same for me after ec - they said they'd call at 8 am and then didn't call until 10!! You end up thinking the worst. Great that all is well with your blastocyst.

    I don't know what is supposed to aid implantation but folic acid, multivitamin, lots of water, rest and eating well with lots of protein and porridge or eggs every morning did me no harm. I had a fresh cycle but I'm sure it must be similar. Best of luck waiting until the test!

  • I take vitamins, folic acid and pre pregnancy vitamin but not a multivitamin because it contains vitamin A and iron which I believe you're not meant to take.


  • Yes - you're right about vitamin A. That's why they say no liver or pate as well! I meant the pre pregnancy vitamins anyway - I took Pregnacare conception and am now taking the Pregnacare one that has Omega oils since my bfp. The Pregnacare does have iron in it though. I thought iron would be fairly essential.

    Sounds like you're doing all that you can! I also went to a relaxation workshop during my cycle, but before ec. I was advised to wait until 2nd trimester before going again though.

  • Hi! MrsTM13, we are on similar journey i recently had my hatching blastocyst transfer. My test day is on the 2nd of December to, so it happen that we will be having our two weeks journey together. I taught of doing and trying everything possible. however the last time i tried Acupuncture, massages before transfer, relaxation cd, you name it i done it but am not stressing too much this time. I tried everything, the last 2 failed transfers, with my good quality blastocyst and it did not work. So this time am taking a casual approach, eat healthy as possible, being aware what not to eat, lots of fluids, rest and keeping myself happy and busy. The rest is up to my body and my little blastocyst. I realised is only so much i can do. keeping everything crossed for us.

  • Yay good luck xx

  • I too did a 5 day blyclast transfer on the 19th of Nov. I have tested on day 8 nd get a faint positive then tested on day 9 and get 2 bright line on the digital. My original test date is 2nd December. Good luck and baby dust to u all.

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