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Borderline embryo FET Transfer


So I got a call from the embryologist this morning my embryo that was thawed out is borderline some cells look OK, some don't. They called me back in an hour to say some had improved so they are going to transfer it anyway but not feeling hopeful. Just wondering whether anyone else has had success stories with this?

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They are now transferring eggs they wouldn't have done in some clinics in the US and having positive results. Keep heart and keep positive. Good luck xx

I just had FET on 15th October. I was told that my embryo was survived through the thaw process. However it collapsed a little bit on one side. They thought it was OK and did the transfer anyway. I am now 10days after transfer and just received the confirmation call yesterday and it is BFP! So, don't loose hope and be positive. :) Good luck xx

I don't have any personal experience but from what I've read there absolutely are successes. They clinic wouldn't transfer it if they didn't think you have a chance.

Good luck. Xxx

If it had no chance at all I’m sure they’d probably have advised against putting it back. It is going to be right back where it belongs. Good luck xx

Update so I when I went to the clinic the embryo miraculasly made a recovery and all went well. Feel so relieved

MrsAdzee in reply to ZoeLauren90

What a relief for you, you must be delighted xx

Dunla in reply to ZoeLauren90

Excellent update! Good luck for your 2ww xx

I was very. What a difference a couple of hours makes xx

I think when they defrost the embryos they are collapsed and they like to see them expanding and developing again which in some cases can take longer than others! Glad to hear that by the time you got to clinic all was well! Best of luck for the 2ww.xx

I was told with my last FET that some cells had died and some had survived (never been told that before). The grade of the defrosted embryo was worse than the grade when it was frozen (my other frosties had all improved in grade). The transfer worked and I’m now 25 weeks pregnant, whereas my other ones didn’t work. So just goes to show embies are amazing little things that can totally surprise us. Glad that yours appears to have made a recovery and fingers crossed you get your BFP!

MrsAdzee in reply to Lynnr54

This is interesting! I never knew that embryos could change grade following defrost xx

Thanks everyone for your stories! I have stomach cramps today I don't know whether this is a good sign!

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