2nd icsi - First with donor eggs - questions?

Hello Everyone,

We have our first appointment for our second ICSI round but this time using donor eggs as mine are rather worn out apparently!

Im just getting prepared to go tomorrow and I want to do a list of questions to ask I can think of a few but wondered if anyone has any suggestions?

We have the appointment at 2pm tomorrow then counselling at 4 with my other half as well (this is the first time for him) Hes not looking forward to it bless him - but then he is a bloke .....

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  • Good luck with your appointment and with the counselling sessions xx

  • Hi Blondyboo. Too late to offer you my list of questions, but I hope all went well with the consultation and that you don't have to wait too long to start. Diane

  • Hello Diane,

    Sat in the hospital now waiting for the counselling. The wait is 4-9 months for the donor cycle

  • Hi Blondyboo. Hope you don't have to wait too long and you get some benefit from it. Seems a long time to wait for a donor, but hopefully will all be worth it. Thinking of you. Diane

  • We were told 12-18 months for donor eggs so moved clinic and got matched very quickly. We were self funded and all our treatment was private, we had 2 rounds of ICSI with my eggs and final round with donor eggs, sadly 3 BFNs and nothing in the freezer. Waiting times at clinics can vary, bigger clinics seem to have shorter waiting times so you might need to do some detective work.

    Hope donor eggs result in your longed for baby.

  • Hello Blondyboo, hope it is not too late to recommend looking at ed guide www eggdonationfriends com/egg-donation-guide/egg-donation-questions-answers/ I do hope you will also find clinics with the shortest waiting times. Good luck with yr journey

  • Thank you for your replies we are NHS this round as well our last go funded with them. X

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