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2nd scan - update poor responder

Hi all just updating from being told Friday I wasn't responding to the drugs and they only found tiny 1 possibly 2 follicles and lining only 4.1 we were told this cycle might be cancelled and start a shorter protocol we have now been told different. She said they wouldn't cancel and start again as I am already on full wack menopur and unlikely to improve with responding with the same full wack on drugs.

But I have started to respond to the drugs which is great but I still only have 2 follicles but they have grown from 1mm and an unreadable one Friday just gone to 11mm 9mm today?! So that's great and so much improvement after just 2 days more of injecting. My lining has also improved to 6.6 and she was pleased as this shows things are now happening as they should. But very disappointed that there's only 2 follicles. She doesn't think I'm likely to get any more and after my afc with 4 I was hoping for at least that many. She did see what could have been a tiny 3rd one but it looks like I will just have the 2 that are going to be any good. I have another scan for Wednesday and she thinks likely Friday and Monday then egg collection next week.

So although it's great I'm now responding I feel upset there's only possibly 2 eggs That going to come out of this when at the AFC we were told 3 possible 4 eggs. I know it's all about quality no t quantity (if I hear that again I'm likely to scream) but I just can't stop feeling so negative. Donor eggs was mentioned for the first time and that's now going round my head. I keep saying to myself 2 follicles are better than 1 or none.

I will probably be ok tomorrow, I find with each bad bit of news we get I have a big wobble but after a sleep and getting my head around things I am generally better the next day.

Anyway sorry for the rant I just need to keep thinking that the two follies I have could be housing the baby we want! They were also going to put two back if there were two decent ones. So just a waiting game now again. Fingers crossed the 3rd little one they found finds a growth spurt! Xx

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Hey Blondy.

I'm exactly the same. The day I get any bad news I find it so hard and then after a nights sleep, I can start to put things back together again. I think it's totally normal. This whole process is so incredibly hard both emotionally and physically so I think it's totally healthy to have a good rant sometimes.

I have everything crossed for you that your third follie grows and that your other two are as strong as they can be.

Try and do something/eat something you like tonight and do whatever you can to make you feel better.

I have everything crossed for you.


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Try Q10


Yep on that one x


My 6th round worked. I had a whopping 1 egg. And that happened to be the only round to go to term. So maybe you'll get lucky.

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