High AMH poor responder! BFN

Hello guys I need your help!

Unfortunately my period arrived as normal and as predicted the test was negative. 01/01/17

AMH: 25.5 (high with high possibility of over stimulating)

1st cycle: egg sharer = 8 follicles 8 egg collected. Meds: Metaformin, nasal spray and 150 of FSH. I donated all my eggs as not enough to share. (We only paid Β£900).

2nd cycle: 16 follicles 9 were to be big enough, 5 collected only 2 fertilised with 1 being a perfect 8 cell at 3 days it was put back. BFN (free cycle as I donated my eggs). Meds: nasal spray, 300 of FSH and progesterone gel.

Both times I was on the long protocol and was expected to have more eggs. I have read that I can be put on the short protocol and get two different types of stims.

My next cycle will have to be full price I'm guessing so I need to go to my review with lots of questions.

Any experiences or information will be gratefully received. I'm feeling okay just down but I knew that statistics were against.

P.S I have a son from a previous relationship, we have unexplained fertility with the docs telling us we're both fine. I turned 35 in November.

Thank you xxx

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  • I'm so sorry that your IVF cycle wasn't successful,

    I can also indentfy with you-I have a son from a previous relationship and we were discharged 2014 with unexplained with it's trying or IVF . It was a o frustrating not to have a valid reason for not conceiving.

    Have you considered getting a second opinion? And maybe look into other tests that may help you find your reason? I say this as I was fobbed off for 4 years by the medical profession-we knew something was a miss but no one would give us the time off day.

    That was until my periods started behaving oddly-I started having heavy periods-which have left me anaemic-(to the point the GP prescribes me ferrous sulphate) bleeding and cramping between period cycles,cycles ranging from 21-35 days-then the medics stood up and listened to me. πŸ€”

    Thanks to a kind gynaecologist who insisted I was referred to a fertility clinic where his colleague runs it -we were so grateful to have another chance ❀️

    We saw the leading consultant and he was brilliant - he diagnosed me with polycystric ovaries-the abnormalities in my period cycle, the fact I have weight issues-I have high insulin levels-discovers as I had some dizzy spells last year-I'm boderline type 2 diabetic-I have been put on a low GI diet which is helping me lose weight.

    He has issued me 6 months worth of clomid. After 5 years of trying it was a relief to have an explanation for it. πŸ‘πŸ»

    I hope you can get some answers which help you get your positive test if you have a gut feeling something is wrong then I'd back it-we know when something isn't rightβœ…

  • Thank you for replying jess. I am going to ask all these question in my review as I want to know everything before we hand over any money. My gut is telling me that they need to treat me on a different protocol and that I should be treated like I have a low AMH level. I have read there's another blood test to see how my eggs are but don't know if they have done that one.

    We did think about going to a private clinic but we live too far away for traveling.

    I hope 2017 is your year xxx

  • Hey lovely! I hope some of the ladies can give you some advice so bumping up your post so others can see it and maybe help!!xx

  • Your a star 😘

  • So sorry you have your bfn...it's definitely unfair - you're so young. It took me 2 failed rounds to get my bfp...I don't know what's the secret of a success, I was much older than you're now and it worked! maybe i got lucky donor eggs, dunno. Anyways, don't give up! I was looking for a right clinic to start my journey for so long and it seems pretty important to find a place worth to be trusted. My last clinic is Ukrainian and I encountered threads devoted to its success rate among couples from all over the world and it's pretty affordable, has good conditions and guarantee programs. Maybe it may be helpful..wish you all the best!

  • Thank you xxx

  • Diane xxx

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