2nd scan 😢😢

I had my second scan today and still only have 6 follicles. This means that it's game over for me this cycle. I'm egg sharing and will be letting the lady have my eggs. I've said all along that I couldn't do it to her keep the eggs. Money isn't a issue as my husband has said that we will pay but I can't do it to her.

I'm not going to lie I'm heart broken. At least they know for next time not to put me on metformin and low dosages. Now to be rescanned on Tuesday and get the egg collection out of the road. Three months to wait for cycle 2 😢😢 xx

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  • Ahhhh Lucyloo81, what a smack in the face for you! Sorry to hear that things didn't improve! It's such a lot to go through to come away with nothing but what you have done is a massively thoughtful & courageous thing to do! Someone out there will get a chance they never could without you so remember that sweetie! It is a heartbreaking journey, one minute we're on a high then you get a massive knock....it's tough! I enquired about donor egg on the NHS as our first cycle didn't go well and it's an 18 month waiting list so you are a gem for doing this for someone! Hopefully next time round like us they have a better idea what to do!! Take care xx

  • Thank you for your kind words lovely. The senior charge nurse told me that when a IVF cycle finishes they hold case meetings. They then discuss the cycle and plan for the next. At least that's something for now.

    When I had my councilling session at the start I ask how long It can take for donor eggs. I made my decision then to let the lady have the eggs. I'm not going to lie and say I'm happy but I know it's the right thing to do.xx

  • Hi Lucy, I've just had my review appointment as to why cycle didn't work and their plan forward so you'll get a real good discussion then. I had a huge list of questions and they did their best to answer them all so if it helps then write them down and take them with you. I saw that you wrote to another lady about AMH and yes that is probably why you were on low dose. I had 7 follicles and had 6 eggs collected but my AMH is 7.19 and had high doses.xx

  • Hi Cinderella5,

    Thanks good they managed to answer your questions. I knew once I had my first scan that that's why I was on a low dose. I am a nurse so can see why they did that but doesn't help how you feel.

    Once the eggs have been removed and my first period arrives I will probably start thinking about he next cycle. For now I am going to plan some nice things to do in the next three months.....aw how I have missed coffee 🙈.

    Good luck to you and I really appreciate your replies xxx

  • Thats amazing that you're giving her your eggs. I had my first cycle cancelled due to follicles not developing. They upped all the drugs for cycle 2 and I nearly over-stimulated! At least they know what to do for you next time. x

  • What was your AMH level then? I'm guessing that's why they had me on a low dose this time as mine is 25.7. Xx

  • Mine was around 24 in June last year which was crazy as I'm 40. Due to delays with the clinic I didn't actually start my cycle until Feb this year and was given 150 of Gonal F. My oestrogen never got above 500. They rechecked my AMH after the cycle failed and found that it was 15 which is more normal for my age but makes me more annoyed that they delayed things. I was on 300 of Gonal F this time and my oestrogen was over 20,000!

  • ❤️ Thinking about you. You're a gem for doing what you're doing

    The way I see it is, the first time is a practise so they learn from how our bodies respond then get it right next time.

    Go get that coffee ❤️❤️

  • Aww gutted for you, but what an amazing thing you doing for the other lady you have a heart of gold xxx

  • Hey Hun,

    Is this your first cycle ? Don't lose hope. I myself was an egg sharer and only had 5 follicles on my 1st cycle so it had to be cancelled. I was devastated but the 1st time is always a learning curve . On my next round they upped my dosage and I had 22 eggs collected. I'm now 7 months pregnant with identical twins and the lady I donated my eggs to is also pregnant. So don't lose hope it's not over yet , you'll get there xxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this Lucyloo - I know it seems really far away now and you're understandably upset but please don't give up hope. In three months your body will be ready again for a more positive cycle. Sending big hugs x x x

  • Thank you all for your replies! I have tears streaming as all of you know what it's like on this journey.

    I'm grateful for 6 eggs and truly hope the lady falls pregnant. I'm not going to find out until I've finished my journey.

    Lots of kisses to each of you xxxx

  • Oh my goodness you are doing an amazing thing and showing such strength I'm in total admiration.

    All the best for you next time xxx

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