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Bad responder

Went for my first scan this morning to see how I was responding and it wasn't what I wanted my womb lining is too thin 4.4? Or something and only 2 follies I'm not responding very well at all and I'm already on full wack menopur 300. I did ask about more but she said nhs will only fund 300 as there is no evidence more helps or makes any different? Any way I have another scan next Wednesday if still responding badly they will cancel this cycle.

I'm gutted couldn't stop bloody crying again just feel it's another hill to climb. Told work I couldn't come in, the thought of answering phones and working just made me worse so I've stayed home with my onesie and a chocolate bar. If I could have wine I'd be on that now too.

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Haven't started my ivf treatment yet but just wanted to send u a big hug, will keep fingers crossed that Wednesday brings good results from reading other people's posts on here it seems possible.

Look after yourself and good luck with the rest of your ivf journey xx

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Hi Blondyboo. Not what you want to hear! Nothing to say really except that I hope you do reach the magic requirements next week. I do hope you can continue, but if not, maybe time to think of a different protocol. Meanwhile, keep snug in that onesie! Diane


Thanks Diane, she did say if this one is cancelled then we would start again very quickly bringing on a bleed then straight into injections so will be quicker and I would for in before Christmas as they shut for 2 weeks over Xmas apparently nothing more I can do just keep injecting and praying. Annoying thing is the last couple of days my ovaries have been aching and I thought that would be a good sign but apparently not nessesserily you could have lots of 'pain' and still not be responding or you can have lots and be doing really well so no right way!


Hi Blondyboo. That's what I wanted to hear - a shorter protocol! Hopefully, this way you will get your womb lining up to a respectable 8mm. Ovaries can sometimes be a bit resistant to stimulation if they have been down regulated, so perhaps this is what happend to you - I don't know, but I do feel this will give you a better chance. You will feel like a pin cushion I'm afraid poor love, but fingers crossed you get to egg collection this time. Fingers crossed! Diane


My ET was abandoned as my womb lining was too thin and shrinking. They've prescribed aspirin and viagra to increase blood supply for the next round, I'm at a private clinic and self funding so don't know if they'd offer you this on the NHS.

Hopefully you're body will respond after a few more days.

Enjoy the chocolate and onesie time.


Thanks for replies, hospital just rang said my blood test from this morning is back and is 113? I don't know what that is but she said it shows not much is happening so they asked me to go in on Monday instead of Wednesday for scan and more blood x


It might be your oestrogen levels, they need to be over 500, mine were 900+ so it showed my body was absorbing the oestrogen but it didn't seem to help my lining. If it is your oestrogen levels they might give you oestrogen patches.


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