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Day 4 stims and no pain??

Hi everyone,

This may sound silly but I'm getting quite panicked. I have pcos and am on the antagonist IVF protocol. I am four days into stims with Gonal-f and have absolutely no ovary/abdo pain. I thought you were supposed to be able to 'feel the ovaries working?'

Any advice anyone? When did you start to feel it working? I'm so worried I'm bit going to have responded.

Hope some of you girls can help x

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I'm on day 9 of gonal f and didn't feel anything until day 5 and then it was just a bloated feeling, so wouldn't worry too much x


Hi spongy i have also been told i have polycystic ovaries so expected to feel bloat quite early but i never felt anything until around day 5 and that was me picking up the smallest amount of pressure just to say im feeling something, im now on day 8 of stimms and can definatley say im feeling pressure so i wouldnt worry just yet, i felt exactly the same like maybe i hadnt responded so ur not alone, take care and all the best with ur cycle x


I didn't feel anything like that. Egg collection in 3 hours!

I've had tummy pains since my Ovitrelle HCG trigger though...


Thank you all so much for your replies. I just really expected to be feeling something but I guess I just need to not think about it so much and be patient.

Sad panda... Good luck with egg collection! Everything crossed for you.

Hope faith... When is your egg collection?

Good luck to everyone x


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