Follicle scan #1

Hi guys jus had my 1st follicle scan and looks like ive got around 20 follicles measuring between 11-7mm the nurse has said this is a good number and to continue with the same dose of 150iu, womb lining was at a 7, id love to hear what numbers and measurements others have got at this stage as id love to take the nurses word for it but im abit obssesed with knowing if things are really progressing at an average rate... ive been taking gonal f for 6 days so far x

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  • Hi Hope_faith. Seems like you are progressing satisfactorily, so that's good to hear. You're aiming at your leading follicle to be 17mm or more and your womb lining 8mm or bit more, so looks like you are well on course! You know I wish you HUGE luck and for a positive outcome. Diane

  • Hi thank you diane, thats really helpful of u to let me know what im aiming for as i wernt completely sure of the figures, fingers crossed they continue to grow in the next few days then x

  • Mine are crossed for you too! Diane

  • Hi. I'm on day 8 of gonal f but don't get my scan until Friday, will let u know my numbers!

    Sounds like ur all on track tho x

  • Hi bearface that would be great to hear how u get on...i also have a scan on friday which will be my day 8 of stimms x

  • Hi hun on my first scan I had about 17 follicles on each ovary measuring between 7-11mm I was also on 150 and was told to stay the same. They collected 31 eggs. I did have to abandon my fresh cycle with high risk of ohss but I didn't get it. I ended up with 11 day 6 blastocyst frozen and just got my bfp yesterday on my 2nd natural fet so your measurements sound just like mine good luck with everything xx

  • I was only on stimms for 10 days to xx

  • Awww wow sophie thats lovely, and makes me feel even more hopeful now thanks for the reply and all the best for the rest of your pregnancy x

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