1st follicle scan: disheartened

After 6 days on menopur 300 dosage (today is day 7) I'm disappointed with the follicles so far:

Left 15, 12, 10, 5

Right 5, 7, 8, 9, 13

Womb 11mm

This is a higher dosage for me. Last time the number was about the same at this stage but half of them disappeared before EC. In the end they only got 1 egg!

Discounting the ones of 5-8mm as unlikely to catchup, that leaves 5 with a fighting chance. I know at lot can change I am 2nd guessing but can't help feeling less hopeful.

Hope everyone is feeling better than me today. xx

Negative Nelly over-and-out

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  • Hey Mrs, please dont feel disheartened you have a good amount to work there.

    I was very similar on my last cycle and was amazed at the last scan before EC and ended up with 11.

    Its crazy how much things can change, keep thinking positively. Wishing you well for your next scan xx

  • Thank you LBM1979. I know deep down you are right. Just looked at my notes from this stage last time and I had 11 follicles then (9 now) and they are bit smaller on average this time too. But I guess the quality could be better on this higher dosage. Need to focus on the good not the bad. I do have 9 so better than none! Thanks for responding xx

  • I really hope you get a brilliant outcome and things catch up..... we all have negative days... allow yourself those knowing hopefully it will be followed soon by a better day! All the best for the rest of ur cycle xxxxxx

  • I hated this stage as all the drugs are mounting up and the pressure to perform was enormous.

    Can only give you the old quotes which are very true, quality over quantity and it only takes one x

  • Hopefully those follicles will grow well in the next few days. Remember 9 is a good number and others might catch up.

  • Hey Nelly. Sorry to hear you're down. Don't you be down... on 400 dosage I had 5 in total. Keep the faith for your next scan. No stressing Nelly! xx

  • Hey.

    I know my last round was a BFN, but these bodies always keep us guessing!

    On our last round...

    Scan 1

    Lining- 8.2

    Right- 8, 10, 13, 14, 16

    Left- 7, 12, 13, 16

    Scan 2

    Lining- 9.5

    Right- 8, 10, 10, 13, 14, 16, 18

    Left- 12, 15, 15

    Scan 3

    Lining- 9.6

    Right- 11, 11, 15, 15, 18, 19, 23

    Left - 8, 15, 19, 21

    8 eggs collected

    Remember that they grow every day and that the sonographer doesn't always see them on the scan x

  • Don't be disheartened. I had my first scan yesterday morning having been on 225 dosage and I only had 1 6mm on my right and 4 8mm and 2 6mm on my left. They've up my dosage to 300 and have my second scan on Monday. I'm sure my follicles were bigger last time around and I was on 225 the entire time. Trying not to panic.

  • Hi MrsTM13, I agree don't panic! Wise words from Hollibob; they grow every day and could be a few more the sonographer doesn't see right away. Keeping everything crossed for us both! Have they said yet when your EC might be or waiting till Mon? x

  • It's either Wednesday or Friday next week. I'm hoping it's Wednesday as I'm taking my mum out for her 60th birthday on Friday and she doesn't know about this cycle. The nurse told me that the follicles tend to grow quite a lot between days 6-10 so hoping all is well come Monday. Have they confirmed your EC date? X

  • My EC is Thursday, bang in the middle of your possibilities haha. That's encouraging that they can have a spurt over the coming days. My clinic said nothing at all about whether this was or wasn't a decent response - which doesn't help but then sometimes they don't want to create false expectations. It does only take one xx 🀞🏼

  • Thank you ladies for your wise words of encouragement. Feeling a bit more confident after the call from the clinic. Final scan will be Tues and EC will be next Thursday - so this is right up to wire 12-day stim, collection day 14. This is different to the last 2 where I stimmed for 10/11 days and collected day 12. So the fact they are doing something different makes me feel better. I am guessing they are willing to lose the one at 15mm if it becomes too big, in the hope there will be more of a number that catchup. Fingers crossed!!

    Just need to relax a bit over the weekend :) xx

  • I had my first scan after stims today day 5 .i have almost the same number as you and my doc says im doing ok .they grow every day .dont be discouraged.by next week you will probably have a good number of good size follicles .hang in there.and smile .

  • Hi Lawmom when is your next scan? I know it's not bad progress as such, just slower than I'd hoped. Thanks for your reply x

  • My second scan was today .it went well.i have about 4 good size on each side and more still growing.my doctor is happy.i might have EC earlier than expected.going in tomorrow for another scan just to check on the follicles and if we will.have to trigger tomorrow.

  • Hi Lawmom. Good news on your progress scan. So EC potentially Thurs? Same as me :) x

  • Yay i really hope this is it for us.yes potentially thursday.i will know for sure tomorrow

  • Morning. Just wanted to let you know that at my first scan on Monday I had 7 on the right and 4 on the left but all were under 10mm. Have just been this morning and now have 5 over 15 so EC scheduled for Wednesday.

    I know that's still not a lot, but wanted to let you know that they've caught up and hopefully you'll get good news too at the next scan.

    Positive thinking Nelly! 😜 x

  • Great news your EC is scheduled- a day ahead of me! I read that they grow by 1-2mm per day so I still have time for the little ones to come through :)

    Do you have another scan before Weds? I go back on Tues x

  • Nope, I thought they would see me on Monday as I had an appointment then but they've cancelled it and said no need. They'll call me on Monday with the trigger shot timing and that's it. Fingers crossed there will be some eggs inside my follicles and we can face the 2WW together! Xx

  • Bring it on MrsB76! xx πŸπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

  • Yes you do.i bet they are growing quite well.stay hopeful 😊

  • Had my scan today, figures not that dissimilar to yours and I was pleased as that was better than I had last time.

    I think we have to accept that we will be in higher doses as we get older.

    And it can all change over the next few days.

  • Hi Lizzie

    I think I need to remember the higher dosage is to maintain or give a typical response compared to being on the lower dose (which would probably have been lower response this time than last given I'm a year older). Have they confirmed your date for EC yet?

  • No I'm hoping I'll find out when I go for another scan on Monday. I'm guessing really based on the fact I've only been given five days of menopur and I started that yesterday.

  • Good luck for your scan today Lizzie! x

  • Thanks, scan all done but need the doctor to look at the results and decide what to do, will know date for EC this afternoon I hope!

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