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This is my third round of fertility treatment, second round of ICSI. My first round of ICSI gave me a BFP however my daughter was born prematurely and died just over 1 day old.

So we are back going through fertility treatment again...

At my scan (D5 of stims) only 1 follicle (11mm) was there. Has anyone had one follicle at the first scan and more appeared by the next scan?

Just wondering-no need to explain to you all how your mind seems to go crazy! :-)

Any thoughts/experiences/opinions would be really appreciated! X

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Hi Debbie

I am so sorry to hear of your loss and all you have been through. It must be so difficult coming back to fertility treatment and I really wish you all the luck in the world for this next step.

I don’t know if it helps at all but last week at my first scan I was told they could see five follicles then two days later at my second scan there were six. I have no idea where the other came from so I’m hoping it is possible for you xx


Hi Franco,

Thank you for your kind words and yes it does help.

Anything is possible!

How are you doing? If your scans were last week are you now approaching egg collection?



Yes, I had EC on Tuesday, just had my update call and am all confused now. Nothing is simple on this rocky road of infertility is it!!

I’m hoping we’re not out of the running yet and possibly transfer may be tomorrow but I need to see what our remaining embryos do tonight. We had 6 eggs collected and basically 5 fertilised, one abnormally so is gone and two are atypical which doesn’t fill me with much hope. I have to hope that the remaining two keep dividing, it’s such a high stakes numbers game we play each time isn’t it!!

When is your next scan? X


Next scan is tomorrow morning.

Last time we only had 2 embryos in the end. One became Holly our daughter and the other has been frozen. We only had 3 to start with.

There’s no reason that your two won’t do well. It’s just the constant worry I know, and the what ifs... x


Ah thank you, that has given me some hope. It’s all so draining isn’t it, waiting for news and trying to keep positive.

Good luck for tomorrow xx

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I wish you every success for this cycle, my heart goes out to you and the difficult journey you've already been on.

My follicles went from 6 at first scan to 13 on second so I'd say you definitely should find a few more by your second scan. Have they increased your stims? Wishing you every luck x


Hi SJoys,

Thanks for your message. 6 to 13!! Wow! That definitely gives me some hope.

I’m on the highest dose possible (450) so they wouldn’t increase my stims.

Will just keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you for sharing with me x

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i am so sorry you lost your daughter, can’t imagine the pain.

i don’t have experience to respond as my follies went into overdrive, but want to wish you all the luck in the world with this cycle.

really hope this is your time✨


Thank you for your message noodles.

I hope so too!

Good luck on your third cycle too. X

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Hi Debbie123456, im so sorry to learn of ur devastating loss, how horrendous for u and must make IVF again extremely emotional. I think there is hope of more follicles, i had 4 to 5 on each side then had 6 each side on next scan. Perhaps they can increase ur meds. Best of luck to u xx


Thank you for your message. It is hard getting back into all of this but it’s so hard anyway isn’t it?!

It’s good to read that you had extra follicles appear!

I’m already on the highest dose of 450 so cant imagine them increasing it further but I’d be willing to give it a go! :-)

Good luck with your transfer when you get there. Xx

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It is hard but im sure with what youve been through even more emotional than normal for u. I didnt have my dosage increased but was put on meds for longer so perhaps that is an option for u.

My EC didn't go very well today, only got 2 eggs so disappointed but just hoping at least 1 makes it to embryo stage xx


How long did you end up stimming for?

On my last ICSI we only had 6 follicles, from that 3 eggs and of the 3 eggs, 2 embryos. One grew into my daughter and the other was frozen. Try to hold onto the fact that a low number of eggs can sometimes help with quality. It did in my case despite not getting the end result. X


Only an extra 2 days so i think 14 days altogether. Thanks lovely xx

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Hi Debbie I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it has been for you. I just wanted to wish you good luck for this cycle xx


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