Follicle Scan Today :) AMH levels??

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I get my scan to find out if my egg follicles are ready for insemination. If all goes well I'll get the IUI treatment tomorrow. The appointment is at 12 today :)

Although, I got a letter from my consultant yesterday about my AMH levels - I fit in the normal category of 11.4pmol/l but with further reading online it's not that good for my age? I'll be 34 in September.

I'm trying not to be too disheartened but worried this may affect things...


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  • Good luck today and hopefully you'll be in tomorrow for your IUI, don't worry about your reading today focus your energies on a positive result 😘 xx

  • Morning lovey, i think your amh levels are fine and i honestly dont think you should het too hung up on them.

    My AMH was 24.8 at 35 which was above average but my egg quality is poor so as long as u have some good eggs I wouldnt get too caught up with the numbers.

    Best of luck to you with your IUI and lots of love xx

  • Thanks ladies - that's reassuring... Just in work the now before I need to leave... xx

  • Hi I wouldn't be too hung up about it. I'm 35 and my last result was 13.9 which my consultant said was good. Bottom end of the scale is 4 top is 20 so she said that my result was pretty accurate for my age x

  • Thanks WeeJacs. X

  • Your AMH reading is actually very good. Mine was 7.9 at 38. X

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