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2nd scan on menopur: Need bigger follicles :(


Hey been for my 2nd scan today after been on menopur for 7 days and i had one follicle at 10mm by 6mm in the right with lots of little ones and 10mm by 7mm in the left with lots of little ones aswell so they have upped my powders from having 2 a day to 4 a day so 300iu. i thourght id of had more bigger ones but ive got my 3rd scan on friday to see how much they have grown. seems slowly but steady like. although she did say my egg collection should be next friday so happy about that just need to get these follies bigger now.

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Mine did exactly the same & the increased dose made a big difference. Best of luck xx

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Thanks for the reply nice to hear it all can go well just like everything too go well lol

I'm the same. First scan today (day 7) and quite a lot of little follicles and only a couple of big ones. Upping my dose to 225iu from this evening. Strange how we all react differently! Still I know the hospital knows what they're doing so we just have to trust them. Good luck with it all!

Yeah I agree they no what there doing just gotta see how it progress on now till Friday not too long away hope all goes well with yours aswell

I went for scan every other day for 2 and a half week because they kept changing the dose to get things going, don't be down on your first scan still plenty of time x

I have my second scan tomorrow and I'm already on 3 powders a day. Tomorrow will be day 8 for me. All being well tomorrow and final scan on Monday I will be having EC on Wednesday. Feels surreal! X

Hope all went well with your scan today and got the news you wanted x

Similar situation here...started on 3powders & went up to 6! It really boosted the follicles so sure it will for you too. Best of luck xx

Thankyou it sure gives me hope im just looking forward to tomorrow to see how they are getting on x

Had my 3rd scan today and still not big enough one was 12.5mm and 10.5mm and lots under 10 so still continue stimms till my 4th scan on monday see how they are. I think slowly but surely there getting there

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